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You are cordially invited to an artist talk & closing reception 


WEDNESDAY * AUGUST 30  *  6 to 8 pm

Artist / singer / songwriter / producer  Robert Fleischman played with such notable bands 
as Journey, Vinnie Vincent, Channel and his current band, The Sky. He penned some of Journey's  biggest hits such as "Wheel In the Sky" "Anytime" and " Winds of March" on the multiplatinum  "Infinity"  album as the band became a legendary success.  

In 2005,  Journey and Robert were recognized with a star on the
Hollywood Walk of Fame, and in 2016, they were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Join us Wednesday, August 30th for an intimate conversation with Robert about his own multi-dimensional journey from artist to rock star and back to his original roots as an artist.  

Fl eischman recently met with Jan et Davie s of ABC  News to talk about his  exhibition "WORLD IN MY EYES"  at Hilton | Asmus Contemporary and the inspiration behind it. 

"We often find that artists are multi-dimensional in their talents to express, create and take our breath away in ways we don't expect.  "World in My Eyes"  is just that, a poetic vision of the world that takes a journey into a myriad of places, from sun, sky, stars and constellations to figures that are flying into space or falling out of space; to the symbolism of fruit, birds, dancers and whatnot all reaching for something.  My favorite part is the reaching.  What is there in life but to continue to stretch ourselves, to aspire to, to jump or fall into our lives.  Robert's characters are all going or returning from somewhere.  Past, present, future?  Who is to tell? "  ~ Arica Hilton