Former St. Andrews Lodge
Demolition Decision Rescinded 
In a Special Meeting on November 6, 2020, Council directed staff to immediately halt the demolition of the St. Andrews Lodge building, reversing their previous decisions from the October 14, 2020 in-camera meeting, where Council initially refused the proposal from the Qualicum Beach Community Education and Wellness Society (QCEWS) and ordered staff to begin the demolition of the building, to be completed by February, 2021. 

Council further voted to support and work with QCEWS in establishing the St. Andrew’s Lodge Historical and Cultural Society. The Society will preserve and revitalize the building, and make efforts to find a continued use for the building in keeping with its historical roots. The restoration of the building will be at no cost to the Town. Council further supported a motion that could see the Town entering into a lease with the Society for use of the Lodge building after the building has been restored.  

In a motion released from the in-camera meeting of Council on November 16, 2020, staff were directed to install an electric portable heater in the St. Andrews Lodge as soon as possible, with the Town responsible for the electrical costs up to December 31, 2020. All electrical costs from January 1, 2021 onward for the St. Andrews Lodge shall be borne by the Society.

Further reports on the costs associated to rescind the previous motions regarding the St. Andrews Lodge (noted on the October 28, 2020 Regular Meeting of Council) will be received at a future in-camera meeting.

Luke Sales, MCIP, RPP
Director of Planning