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Royal Palm Gardens
"All work was completed within the project schedule period."

--Nick Boehm, Developer, Redwood Housing

The renovation of Royal Palm Gardens Apartments is finished! The City of Fort Myers sent permit close out letters for all buildings to the developer. On December 15, the last buildings received their completion letters.
Buck's Backyard at McCollum Hall
McCollum Hall "Buck's Backyard" mural in progress. Top: Dance section, full view. Center Left, Right: Dance section detail views. Bottom: Portrait and art deco beacon underway, with wall preparation and dance section to the far right.
Funding Request Approved, Mural Painting has Begun!

On December 2, 2020, the CRA has approved a one-time grant to the Mural Society of Fort Myers of $6,460 to cover a budget shortfall for the McCollum Hall "Art Stumble" event. At this meeting, the Mural Society reported that they successfully raised $17,300 for the project. The grant award from the CRA will help the Mural Society pay for paint, materials and supplies for volunteers.

On January 1, Artists J.P. Almonacid and Erik Schlake began painting the murals. To commemorate the creation of the work, a stop-motion video of their progress on the wall is being made. Completion is projected for March 2021.
St. Peter Claver Place
"We have received a preliminary award for funding from Florida Housing on Phase I of our St. Peter Claver Place project."

--Brian Miller, Developer, National Development of America, Inc.

On January 22, St. Peter Claver Place Developer National Development of America, Inc., received good news: the project was approved for funding from Florida Housing.

Phase I of St. Peter Claver Place will offer 136 apartments for the 214-unit affordable-housing apartment complex, which will be built in 2 phases. Phase I was approved for a $4.5 million CRA increment rebate in 2020. Planned completion of the first phase is December 2022.
Silver Hills at Fort Myers
December 17, 2020, construction images courtesy of Silver Hills Development.
"Our Fort Myers project is going very well. We are almost topped out in the front...framing begins in the back."

- Seth Mendelsohn, Principal, Silver Hills Development

The Silver Hills has progressed quite a bit in the past few months. Following the framing in the back, parking garage work will begin. The clubhouse and first units bill be open and available in late spring/early summer 2021. Phase II will begin in spring 2022.

Silver Hills at Fort Myers is one of several projects key in fulfilling one of the recommendations of the Downtown redevelopment plan, which is to develop along the attractive riverfront. The façade of Silver Hills at Fort Myers will pay homage to the historic buildings of Fort Myers’ walkable River District core. Instead of looming as two large concrete buildings, they will appear to be several smaller mid-rise residences rising above the riverfront with the parking structure cleverly concealed by the living spaces.

Silver Hills will be built in two phases. Phase I is a $75 million project consisting of 327 units, and completion is anticipated in 2021. Phase II is a $29.61 million project consisting of 126 units, with an anticipated completion date of 2022.
December 15, 2020, Construction Video of Silver Hills at Fort Myers Phase I (Courtesy of DeAngelis Diamond/Eagle Eyes UAS Drone Service)
West End at City Walk
Construction Photos Upper Row, Lower Left courtesy of Nick Stewart/NPS Engineering & Consulting. Lower Right: West End at City Walk rendering.
West End at City Walk Topped Off, Begins Leasing

West End at City Walk is looking more finished these days. The buildings on Phase I of the project are now topped off. Pre-leasing is available on the leasing website at A number of calls from interested renters have already been received.

Plans for the two commercial parcels of Phase II are finalized and will be announced this month.
January 6, 2021 Construction Video (Courtesy of Nick Stewart/NPS Engineering & Consulting).
Hampton Inn
"We [are] ready to pour the foundation."

--Krishan Gandhi, VP of Development, HOS Management

The Hampton Inn hotel project in the Downtown redevelopment area continues to move forward. Approximately 80% of the Civil Engineering work has been completed, and if the City building permit is restored following a conciliatory delay with a neighboring property, the Developer will be ready to pour the foundation. According to a project manager with the Developer's new General Contractor, the December 2021 completion date is still feasible.
Vantage Lofts
"We have closed on the property for Vantage."

--Mark DeMaria, CEO, DevMar Development LLC

Now that the real estate closing for the Vantage Lofts property has been completed, Developer DevMar Development LLC will be proceeding with the final design and engineering the first week of February. The project will be moving forward regardless of a City of Fort Myers appeal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) revised High Coastal Hazard Flood Map, which impacted the Vantage property by placing it in the live wave action zone. DevMar intends to submit their final Planned Urban development (PUD) package to the City in March.
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