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May 7, 2018
For Immediate Release
Contact: Lauren Manary
Fort Polk Ceremony Kicks Off Teacher Appreciation Week May 7-11 
Fort Polk/Leesville, Louisiana, May 4, 2018. - You've heard it before, "If you can read this, thank a teacher!"  We've all had a great teacher. They show a real interest in who we are, listen to our thoughts, inspire us to learn and encourage us to do our best.  The influence of a good teacher lasts a lifetime! In a much-deserved recognition of this; Fort Polk leadership, Fort Polk Progress, and the Vernon Parish School District partnered together to honor Teachers, Administrators and Students for their leadership and achievements at a ceremony hosted by Fort Polk.

Students recognized for their high achievements included Casey Williams, Matthew Christensen, and Aurora Bauer.  Teachers of the year, Mrs. Kristen Bruce, Mrs., Brandi Frey, and Mrs. Mary McDonald, were honored for their excellence in the classroom.  Mr. Johnny Bosley, Mrs. Angel Williams, and Mrs. Leigh Lansdale were lauded for their exceptional leadership within the schools.

On hand to honor these committed and high achieving members of the area public schools were Brigadier General Patrick Frank, Commander of the Joint Readiness Training Center and Fort Polk, James Williams, Vernon Parish School District Superintendent, Mike Reese, Fort Polk Progress President, and Mayor Rick Allan from the City of Leesville.
Reese explained the partnership efforts between the Vernon schools, area community and Fort Polk that have led to the Education Initiative sponsored by Fort Polk Progress.  These efforts, along with the achievements of those honored, and others like them, allow for continued improvements in the quality of education provided to area youth.

The hard work exhibited by the honorees was outlined by Williams who explained that this equates into a better school district for all.  

BG Frank spoke about the value placed on quality education by the military and military families.  In speaking to the honorees he stated, "You make the difference in achieving quality education, academic rigor, and stimulating students to reach beyond perceived limits. You bring success to your profession and we all benefit from your commitment to providing quality education and academic challenges to our students."  

In reference to the Fort Polk Progress Education Initiative BG Frank added, "I challenge and encourage your continued commitment for quality education that brings our students to new heights of success, and that you go beyond conventional principles and create innovative strategies to challenge learning and invoke interest."  He explained that Soldiers take into account the quality of education of an area when they are making stationing choices. Ensuring that Vernon Parish Schools are offering quality education brings reassurance to those Soldiers.

Fort Polk Progress is a regional organization focused on coordinating the efforts of the local communities, the State of Louisiana
and the Louisiana Congressional delegation on supporting the Army, the mission at Fort Polk, and the quality of life for soldiers
and families stationed in Louisiana.

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