FortneyScott Client Alert:
OFCCP AAP Verification Coming Soon
OFCCP recently launched a landing page for its upcoming Affirmative Action Verification Interface. Within the next 90-120 days, Contractors must be prepared to certify that they have AAPs in place for each establishment or FAAP. Although we do not yet have the details of the certification, it likely will be subject to the penalties of perjury. Contractors also may be required to upload AAPs.  

Key Takeaway: Your AAPs should be finalized promptly to enable your organization to certify good faith compliance, subject to the penalties of perjury. 

We are advising many clients on these matters to enable them to meet these pending changes. Please contact your FortneyScott attorney with questions or to receive additional information.
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This update is for general information purposes only and is not intended to provide legal counsel or advice. Employers should retain
experienced legal counsel to obtain advice about the effects of these developments on their particular circumstances.