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B2980A Precision Measure Unit
                    Launches Today!

Keysight introduce world-beating Femto/Picoammeters to their B2900 Series of Precision Instruments. The 2980 Models are the World's only graphical picoammeter/ electrometer that can confidently measure down to 0.01fA and up to 10 Peta Ohms.
  • Best-in-class 2 pA range and 0.01 fA resolution provide unprecedented performance.
  • Integrated 1000 V source supports resistance measurements up to 10 P Ohms.
  • Battery models eliminates AC power line noise.
  • A time-domain view that makes it easy to capture transient signal effects as well as select the desired measurement data.
  • A real-time graphical histogram display for quick statistical analysis of measurement data - a capability previously only available on an external PC.
  • Significantly better measurement performance and a good replacement for older Keithley 64/65 series meters.

3 Year Warranty as Standard

Businesses need every advantage to meet the challenges of today's fast-moving competitive environment.  
Keysight's 3-year worldwide warranty on all instruments provides a combination of reliability and coverage delivers three key benefits.
  • Increased confidence.
  • Reduced cost of ownership.
  • Greater convenience.
  • 5 year warranty extension available.

Free BenchVue Software

View and capture multiple measurements from a single screen. Keysight's free BenchVue software for the PC accelerates your testing by providing intuitive, multiple instrument measurement visibility and data capture with no programming necessary.

Click the link above to download your free copy of the software and try it for yourself.

Use BenchVue software to:
  • Visualise multiple measurements simultaneously.
  • Easily capture data, screen shots and system state.
  • Recall previous bench configuration to replicate results.
Save time with:
  • The ability to export measurement data to Excel, Word and MATLAB in three clicks.
  • Fast access to manuals, drivers, firmware, FAQs, and videos.
  • Just cut and paste into your reports.
From anywhere:
  • Monitor and control your bench from a mobile device.
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