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All about GNSS Simulation

As GNSS signals are free and available worldwide, why would you pay to create an "alternative sky" to test your device?
  • Your building might distort the signal available, or you cannot get a view of the real sky.
  • You may want to test as if in another country or continent.
  • You need to test any environmental condition.
  • Test anytime, anywhere from the convenience of your bench.
  • Test receiver movement and accuracy without taking a step.
  • Add problematic error sources and see your equipment continue to perform.

GSG Series Comparison Table
GSG Series Simulators

GNSS simulation is easy with the Spectracom GSG series.  It's easy to:
  • Simulate any satellite:
    A choice of up to 64 independent satellite channels.  GPS + GLONASS + Galileo + BeiDou.  SBAS (EGNOS, WAAS, MSAS, GAGAN) simulation.  
  • Create powerful "what if" scenarios:
    Add problematical signals with the White noise generator.    See the effect of reflected signals with the multipath scenario generator.  See when the DUT stops processing inputs by varying signal level from -65 to -160dBm.
  • Afford:  
    Sets new industry performance/price standards.  High-performance R&D lab simulator features.  Priced comparitively to a low end production test simulator from other vendors.
  • Configure:  
    Free of charge GSG StudioView PC-based software to create scenarios, navigational trajectories, and events.  Define and overlay trajectories using Google Maps or user-defined NMEA format.
  • Operate:  
    Pre-defined and user defined scenarios.  Control/modify navigation data, number of satellites, power output, antenna model, atmospheric models, multipath and more.  Full I/O control from intuitive front panel user interface.  Stand-alone operation also possible - no PC required.
  • Connect:
    Ethernet, GPIB and USB ports available.  Operation via a web-based interface and SCPI commands.  SCPI-RAW allows commands directly to an Ethernet socket.
  • Transport:  Compact and lightweight (7lbs/3kg).
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The GSG-Series is designed for many applications, including:
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