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July 2019
Don’t Fight Fortnite, Use It
Expand your child’s summer activities using popular video games

By now, unless you’re a total Fortnite noob, nub, or newbie (as newcomers to the wildly-popular video game are called by gamers), most parents know about the first-person shooter game that takes up so much of our children’s collective attention. Read more
Parents playing video game with their daughter.
Photo: Mediteraneo/
All Aboard: Fun, Fast Family Outings!
A special day away is within reach
By Elisa Chemayne Agostinho
Take a mini “vacay” with day trips and excursions that won’t break the bank! 

High-Speed Happy With trains departing from Miami to Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach seven days a week, the Brightline offers day-trippers a super-cool journey that’s an experience all its own. Maybe the best part, kids ride free in the summer! Read more
A boy and his mother enjoy activities aboard a Brightline train.
Photo: Courtesy of Brightline
Keep Kids Cool in Summer
Safety first tips for fun in the sun

South Florida summers positively sizzle, and with children spending more time outdoors during the lazy, hazy days of the season, it’s important to remember to keep them protected from the heat. So, before they head out, make sure to:

Time it right. Curb midday playtime if you can and limit outdoor activities to the cooler hours of the day, in the early morning or evening.

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Kid’s-Eye View
Friends are the Family You Handpick!

How are friends different than anyone else?

Friends are not related to you but treat you like family. They are my family when I’m in school. 
Devon, 8

They kind of talk to you when nobody else wants to play with you. 
Milo, 9

A group of friends smile in a circle.
Photo: Monkey Business/
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