How we set up the new standards for Lithium battery systems

When Fortress Power CTO - Eric Wang set out to create an innovative new product, he thought about the needs of the consumer...
What did our customers need from our products?

Eric thought to create one product to fit a multitude of applications so that our customers got more than they expected!  

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Last week House Democrats introduced the  Moving Forward Act , a sweeping $1.5 trillion package to support long-term economic growth in response to COVID-19. We are so happy to see that the package includes our stated priorities:
  • A five year extension of the federal solar investment tax credit at 30%
  • The ability to take 85% of the tax credit as a direct pay option up front.

Fortress Power &
Schneider Electric Webinar
Join us for an informative Webinar!
Fortress Power & Schneider Electric
bringing you a demonstration of their Solar Power storage solutions!

Thursday, July 16 @ 2pm EST
Topics of Discussion:

  • Introduction of both Fortress & Schneider & their energy storage products
  • Introduce Schneider Gateway and how does it work with Fortress new eFlex 5.4
  • Differences between open-loop and close-loop communication between inverters and batteries
Another Great Install!
Great installation featuring Schneider Electric Inverters by TK Networks!

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Fortress Power:
Educational Series Videos
The NEW eFlex 5.4
An interview with engineering - talking about Applications for the Fortress Power's brand new
eFlex 5.4 battery!
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