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Gospel of Mark Study

This year’s Sunday lectionary features the Gospel of Mark, and so it seems appropriate to make special study of this, the oldest and shortest of the Gospels. Using short, recorded lectures from the Center for Biblical and Theological Studies at Seattle Pacific University as a focus, each session will examine a short section of Mark’s Gospel and allow time for questions, conversation, and reflection. The series will meet for eleven Sundays (through March 17) at 9am. If you have any questions, speak with Fr. Luis.

Syllabus and Reading Schedule

January 7

Introduction to the Gospel of Mark - Mark 1:1-15

January 14

Meeting Jesus in the Miracle and Debates - Mark 1:16-3:6

January 21

Purposeful Parables - Mark 3:7-4:34

January 28

Who Then is This? - Mark 4:35-6:6a

February 3

Expanding Ministry, Growing Opposition - Mark 6:6b-8:21

February 10

The Cross of Discipleship - Mark 8:22-10:52

February 17

Teaching at the Temple - Mark 11:1-13:37

February 25

Dinner, Distress, and Denial - Mark 14:1-72

March 3 Mark 15:1-47

"And the Crucified Him': Darkness Descends - Mark 15:1-46

March 10

The End That Is Not the End - Mark 16:1-20

March 17

Story Time