Quatris Developed the Operation: October ICD-10 Webinar Series to make sure you're ready to use ICD-­ 10 effectively, efficiently, and confidently

We've addressed virtually every facet of this very deep program with easy to understand tips and real world examples, so when it's time to start using ICD 10, you're prepared.

Quatris has you has you covered from Practice Management to Electronic Medical Records, from EDI to Interfaces.


There are several things that need to happen before you start coding with ICD­-10. The Enterprise ICD-10 Date in your system is the date that controls when you start coding in ICD-­10.

Quatris recommends that you complete all readiness activities and set this date in advance of 10/1/2015.

  • This will allow you to code in ICD-10 for a period of time before the codes actually go out on your claims.
  • If you code in ICD-10 prior to 10/1/15, because the ICD­-10 Implementation Date on all of your insurance carriers is still set to 10/1/15, the system will actually send the ICD-9 codes on your claims that are mapped to whatever ICD-10 codes that you select on the ticket.
  • This is one reason it is important to review the mapping of ICD-9 to ICD-­10 codes.
  • As of October 1st, when you need to back date a charge, it is important to make sure the Visit Date on the Visit Info tab of the ticket matches the date of service. The Visit Date field is used to determine sending ICD-­9 or ICD-10 codes in conjunction with the Enterprise and Carrier Implementation dates.
  • Digging into the details like this will help uncover other details that need to be addressed to ensure smooth operation. To make sure you're ready, review the applicable documentation and sign up for the webinars Quatris has available through the Operation: October ICD-­10 Webinar Series.


The CMS released guidance on Monday July 6, 2015 providing partial temporary relief from the potential financial effects of coding inaccuracies. However, we stress that you should not change or delay your ICD-­-10 transition plans.

The guidance advised physicians or other practitioners billing under the Medicare Part B physician fee schedule of the following:

  • The transition deadline will remain October 1, 2015. Medicare (and most other commercial payers) will NOT acceptICD-­9 codes for dates of service on or after October 1, 2015.
  • Valid ICD-­10 codes must be submitted as of this deadline for all payers required to participate.
  • For 12 months following the transition deadline,claim reviewers will not deny under CMS review procedures Medicare Part B claims solely because of errors in specificity of the ICD-­10 diagnosis code as long as the code belongs to the right "family" of ICD-­10 codes.
  • For 3 months following the transition deadline(the remainder of the 2015 program year), physicians or other Eligible Professionals(EPs) participating in the Medicare quality programs will not be subject to PQRS, Value Based Modifier, or Meaningful Use penalties solely as a result of errors in specificity of the ICD­10 diagnosis code, as long as the EP used a code from the correct "family"of ICD-­10 codes.


Suzi Powers


EMR Application Specialist

Question: Has the Reporting Period for Meaningful Use for 2015 been finalized yet?

Answer: There has not yet been a Final Ruling on the Modifications to Meaningful Use in 2015-2017 Proposed Rule.

If passed, the rule proposes changing the reporting period for 2015 from a calendar year to a 90 day period.

Click the link above for details on other important changes in the proposed rule.

Lori Provence


Senior PM Support Specialist

Question: If I print the same reports every day, is there a way I can avoid keying in the criteria each time for every report?

Answer: Yes, you can create a folder in the Reports component named Daily Reports.

You can then go to each report that you print on a daily basis and in the date fields, key in the word "today", click the 'Save As' button on the toolbar and name the report (i.e. -Daily Balance Today).

Click and drag each of the Reports you saved into the Daily Reports folder you created, select 'Move Here' when you drop the report into the folder. You will then have a Daily Reports folder that contains a copy of each report with "Today" saved in the date range.

To print all of the reports, simply highlight that Daily Reports folder and hit 'Print.' All reports will print for you

Molly Goodhart



Question: Is there a way for existing patients to fill out electronic paperwork packets on the EzAccess Patient Portal?

Answer: Yes! You can use the EzCheck-­In function of the EzAccess Patient Portal to create existing patient packets based on their upcoming appointment type.

To create the packets, first mark forms or agreements as EzCheck-­In by going to ManageForms>Select Form>Form Properties>Check Mark EzCheck-­In.

Then navigate to Options>PM Settings>EzCheck-­In Settings to setup the packet settings. Multiple packets can be created based upcoming appointment types.


GE has introduced a new Quality Reporting Community on the GE Service Portal as a centralized hub for collaboration on Meaningful Use, PQRS, and CPCi reporting information. This area can be a useful tool to get information from GE and learn from other Centricity users.

  • Upcoming Quality Reporting focused webinars
  • Quality Reporting Guide (formerly known as the MU User Guide)
  • Discussion forums If you don't have a GE SSO or access to the Community, contact Quatris Support today!

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