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A Note from Mark Spates (Quatris CEO) 
In early April we shared the news that the Value-Based Care division of GE Healthcare was being acquired by Veritas Capital , a leading private equity firm with a strong investment track record of strategically transforming leading companies in the healthcare information technology space.
We are very excited about this future growth as Veritas embodies a culture of intense customer focus and a drive for growth through focused R&D, product innovation and development. It is obvious that Veritas Capital sees a lot of opportunity in the ever-changing healthcare market, and selected Centricity as the right solution to launch their healthcare initiative. My colleague, Pete Baichtal had this to say, "We are a strong service-oriented organization, and the relationships we have with our technology partners and our industry reputation, in conjunction with being the largest nationwide independent Centricity reseller, position us as a key contributor."
It is our understanding at this point that all 1300 GE employees will be retained by Veritas. We have also been reassured that both GE and Veritas will diligently work together to ensure a smooth and professional handover after the transaction closes, which is expected to be later this summer. In the meantime, all of us at Quatris will continue "business as usual" in supporting our customers.

In case you missed it, GE hosted a State of the Union in late April and shared some additional information about the transition. Click here to listen to the recording.

Lastly, as a valued Quatris customer we will do everything we can to make this transition seamless for you, and will keep you proactively informed so that you remain extremely satisfied with our services.
We look forward to the journey ahead. 

NEW Product: Q-Speak
Earlier this year we launched a new voice recognition solution called Q-Speak. This seamless cloud-based application is integrated with Centricity EMR and enables the clinician to speak into a microphone, and the words will appear in the Centricity clinical record, all with a high degree of medical terminology accuracy.

Key advantages of Q-Speak:
  • No training of the application to your voice - excellent recognition even with accented speech.
  • Fast documentation - voice recognition can be much faster than templated documentation or typing.
  • Great return-on-investment - Q-Speak is very cost effective compared to traditional dictation services.
For more information about Q-Speak or any of the other voice options, contact Mike Keller RN, MS - Director of Clinical Services at  or 817-282-0300.
The Quatris Q-Speak solution also has different options to suite your voice recognition needs: 
QSpeak Anywhere: Cloud-base voice recognition. Integrates with Centricity and provides all the same Dragon functionality as the traditional local client, however, technical issues and requirements are greatly reduced.
QScribe: iPad-based application that presents patient encounters on the iPad.
QScription: Smart Phone-based application that presents patient encounters on the providers iPhone or Android device. The provider dictates in a free-form manner on the phone and then information is retrieved back into the update in Centricity.
PowerMic Mobile: A mobile phone-based application for use with Q-Speak which allows the users iPhone or Android device to be used as a microphone rather than a USB microphone.

We are reintroducing SimpleChart (aka Multifactoral Function Builder), a useful tool in Centricity EMR worth spotlighting. If your provider is finding that certain diagnoses always have the same actions, or certain procedures are always documented the same, SimpleChart is an efficient solution you may want to begin using in your practice. SimpleChart allows you to create a function that can execute multiple actions, by simply typing in a quick text to launch the function.  
The actions that SimpleChart can perform are as follows: adding problems, orders, medications, allergies and narrative text. It can also guide the user to custom lists (i.e. custom medication list, custom problem list, custom orders list and/or custom handout list). SimpleChart can also reduce the number of screens and typing required to complete your documentation. 
Here is an example if you have a diagnosis of Strep: SimpleChart can add the diagnosis to the active problem list, order the throat culture, add the medication to the patient's chart, or take you to a custom list with antibiotics, bill for the office visit and for the rapid strep test, and take you to the custom handout list to provide patient education.
If you need assistance in setting up SimpleChart contact or 817-282-0300.  

Is it time to consider the Cloud?
Historically healthcare organizations have kept their systems and data on-site (aka on-premise), however during the last five years we have seen an increase in practices moving to the Cloud. Medical practices are considering Cloud options and steering away from the traditional IT infrastructure and the capital expenditures typically associated with it. Overall the Cloud can help reduce IT costs and complexity. Here are a few reasons why the Cloud may be an option for your practice.
  • No need to purchase and upgrade hardware and software.
  • Not having to worry about running out of storage or having enough processing power.
  • Data stored in the cloud is available on any internet-connected device.
  • Cloud providers have physical and virtual security and privacy controls to address data security concerns.
If your practice is considering making a change, and you would like to learn more about our Cloud services contact us at or 817-282-0300.

Quatris Complimentary Webinars
Don't forget that we host complimentary educational webinars each month and we encourage customers to attend. If you cannot make the webinar on the date scheduled, register anyway and we will automatically send you a link to the recording. Click here to visit our webinar and event calendar.

If you need to submit a ticket remember to email OR call 817-282-0300, so that your ticket can be addressed in a timely manner. 
Please do not submit tickets to our address as this mailbox is only monitored by our sales and marketing staff.

CHUG in Nashville
Dust off your cowboy boots as fall CHUG heads east to the country music mecca of Nashville, November 8-10.  
Whether you are considering attending for the first time, or if you are a "CHUG regular", it's always a great opportunity to gain knowledge, tips and tricks from multiple educational sessions, and collaborate and network with other Centricity healthcare professionals. As an added bonus CHUG attendees can also earn both Nursing CE and Physician CME credits by attending the Conference. Click here for detailed information and registration.

Tip #1 - Andrea Klemetson, Assistant Director of Engineering Services (California)  
Question: With all the outstanding claims in my system, what's the best way for me to focus on my collection efforts?
Answer: There are plenty of reports and tools to help you with your collection efforts. You may also want to consider using the Task Management tool in Centricity PM. With this tool you can set up rules that tell Centricity which outstanding visits to bring to your team's attention.

Tip #2 - Yasmin Thomas, EMR Application Specialist (Tennessee)
Question : My referral orders are getting sent to our old referral coordinator who is no longer with the practice. How do I change the person who gets the referral orders after I sign them?

Answer: You can change the person who receives the referral order by going to CPS Administration > Codes > Charts > Order Defaults > Referrals > Select/Highlight the LOC > Click "Change".
The person listed as the "Order Administrator" is the person who receives the flags. To change this user > Select binoculars > Choose the new person then click "OK".  Repeat steps to make a change for each LOC.

Tip #3 - Carolyn Carpenter, Integration Engineer (Indiana)
Question: Are there any tools to help me monitor and compare my insurance allowables?
Answer: The "Actual Allowed" report under the Financial folder in the Reports window will help you compare expected and actual allowed amounts among different fee schedules and carriers.

Tip #4 - Lori Phillips, Professional Services Specialist (Georgia)
Question: Are there invalid characters that cannot be used in Centricity?

Answer: Yes. The following characters are NOT supported by Centricity and SQL Server and should NOT be used in the fields detailed below. They will generate application errors or warnings and/or result in claim rejection by payers
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Coast-to-Coast Employee Spotlight

RHIA Clinical Quality Consultant

What can you simply not resist? A good pedicure
What is your favorite color? Yellow
Do you play any instruments? No, but took piano lessons as a child
What's your favorite guilty pleasure when it comes to candy? Peanut M&Ms
Do you have a favorite season? Yes, SUMMER!  I hate being cold
What is your favorite type of cuisine? Mexican
Who would play you in the movie adaption of your life? Sandra Bullock
What can you simply not resist? Watching Rodger Federer play tennis
What is your favorite color? Blue
Do you play any instruments? Air guitar
What's your favorite guilty pleasure when it comes to candy? Hazelnut chocolate
Do you have a favorite season? Spring
What is your favorite type of cuisine? Swedish
Who would play you in the movie adaption of your life? Jimmy Smits, people always say to me "You know who you look like."

Our Milestone Anniversaries
Quatris is fortunate to have a great depth of experience among our employees. We appreciate the work they do every day, and their never-ending commitment to serving our Centricity customers across the country. Please join us in congratulating the following employees on their milestone anniversaries.

Five years: Mark Mills
Ten years: Rhonda Dzanski, Terry Lipiec
Fifteen years: Heath Dacy, Lisa Bonner

Kudos to Quatris 
We wanted to take this opportunity to share our great news. We were thrilled to receive the 2017 VAR of the Year award from GE Healthcare. Congratulations to all Quatris employees for making 2017 such a great year!

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