Thursday, February 22, 2018
We're nearing completion of the first phase in moving "Forward Together" with the presentation of the Comprehensive Master Plan to the Hot Springs Village community on Tuesday, March 6, at 6 p.m. at Woodlands Auditorium, 1101 DeSoto Blvd. Our goal is to ensure the plan clearly and thoroughly addresses the objectives, and that there are specific actionable items to immediately begin implementation.

As a reminder, the objectives are...
* Protecting the long term fiscal sustainability of the Village,
* Establishing and preserving the natural character of the Village, and
* Evolving the experiences & housing to meet the changing needs of retirees and new members

Our immediate next steps are:
* Presenting the plan to the Property Owners and Stakeholders at a public meeting on Tuesday, March 6 at the Woodlands Auditorium. The agenda will include:
o Opening remarks from Lesley Nalley
o An overview of the plan from the consulting team (CT, DPZ, Great Destinations Marketing, Randall Gross Development Economics, East Harding and RPPY)
o Clarifying our prioritization strategies
o Reviewing next steps
o Introducing the 3-year maintenance plan developed by our department heads and a service GAP analysis from the Steering Committee
o Conclude with an opportunity for additional public input
* We'll then present the PLAN to the Board of Directors on March 21
* Begin marketing to and identifying new Developer Partners
* Begin the implementation of infrastructure, utility, transportation and maintenance strategies
* Finalize land aggregation strategies
* Work with the ACC in implementing new zoning and policy recommendations
* Begin implementation of new comprehensive marketing and wayfinding plans
* Begin working on the 3-year prioritized operations and maintenance plans
* Coordinate and work with developers and builders on pocket neighborhoods and the town center

We are excited to present the Comprehensive Master Plan to the Hot Springs Village community. We're also keenly aware that the work is just beginning and understand that the property owners are counting on us to execute the plan and fulfill this promise for the future. Our property owners, stakeholders, developer partners, and the next generation are counting on us.
We hope you have received the post-charrette newsletter in the mail. Click here to view it on our website; limited extra copies are available at the POA Administration Building, 895 DeSoto Blvd. 
Thank you for reading this email to stay informed about this important project. 
Visit our website  which offers the latest information about the comprehensive master plan and its steering committee, links to resources such as videos and presentation materials, an archive of e-blasts, and more.