Thursday, January 11, 2018
This week, we are finalizing a post-charrette newsletter, which you will receive in the mail in a few weeks. This 16-page follow-up to the pre-charrette newsletter distributed in late November will offer details about the strategies being discussed to protect the long-term fiscal sustainability of the Village, to establish and preserve the natural character of the Village, and to evolve the experiences and housing offered to meet the changing needs of retirement and demographics. Information regarding future development, proposed plan scenarios, and general strategies related to zoning and aesthetics, utilities, public safety, amenities and recreation, economic development, communications and marketing, and health and education will also be shared. 
In addition to comprehensive master plan development efforts, Hot Springs Village POA staff is committed to highlighting all that the Village currently offers. One way that we do this is sharing information about this community with people who are interested in relocation and retirement opportunities. We will host a booth at the Ideal Living Resort & Retirement Show in Chicago on January 20-21. If you have friends in the Chicago area who might be interested, please give them a heads up! 
The next meeting of the Ad Hoc Comprehensive Master Plan has been scheduled for Monday, January 29, at 3 p.m. The meeting will be held in a webinar format, and everyone is invited to watch it online. Click here to sign up; registrants will receive an email with instructions to view the meeting. 
Thank you for reading this email to stay informed about this important project. 
Visit our website which offers the latest information about the comprehensive master plan and its steering committee, links to resources such as videos and presentation materials, an archive of e-blasts, and more.