Thursday, June 7, 2018
With our sincere gratitude for your input, we are pleased to present the final Comprehensive Master Plan and Protective Covenants (previously referred to as "Development (Zoning) Code"). During our review period earlier this year, public input was cataloged and submitted to the planning team and the Board of Directors for inclusion in the final documents. On April 18, 2018, the Board of Directors adopted the plan with the assurance that these revisions would be included in the final documents. 

Highlights of the revisions reflected in the final documents include: 
  • Language on a $150 special assessment over the next two years originally noted in Section 6, page 317, has been removed. Funding decisions, such as special assessments, use of reserves and financing options, will be evaluated during the annual budgeting process that runs from June to October. 
  • Following a thorough review of the Development Code with the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) and members of the consulting team and staff, revisions were made throughout the document to align with existing policies and procedures of the ACC. 
  • Language in Section 3, Observations and Policies, Discussion, page 71, was revised relative to previous Board and ACC activities. 
  • New Implementation steps were added to Section 5 based on community feedback and additional information needed to make informed decisions. 
Click here to view the final documents of the CMP and Protective Covenants. Printed copies may be viewed at the POA Admin. Bldg., 895 DeSoto Blvd., and the Coronado Library, 150 Ponderosa Lane. 
Thank you for reading this email to stay informed about this important project. 
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