We've finished the Primary run-offs, and we have our slate of Democratic candidates ready to remove Trump and his allies from office in November. When you support the Ann Richards Dinner, which will be held on August 29th, you are supporting our effort to bring blue victories to our county, state, and nation.

We need to register as many new Democrats to vote as we can. We have a plan to identify new residents as soon as they move in, spread our Democratic message, and get our people to the polls. People like you are reaching out to their friends and neighbors to help us accomplish this. Together, we will work to reach every Democrat in Collin County with the message that we CAN win.

We hope you will join us for our virtual Ann Richards Dinner on August 29th. We'll be safe in our homes, but together, as we watch people from across the country entertain us, we'll know we are making a difference right here in Collin County. When we change Collin County, we'll change Texas. When we change Texas, we'll save our country. What we do right here can change the world. If you haven't already, get your ticket to the virtual Ann Richards Dinner here