An Update From
The Forward In Faith Together Working Group
May 25, 2021

To the Body of Christ at Nassau Presbyterian Church,

The Forward in Faith Together working group is pleased to report to our congregation that the Session has approved our recommendation to transition to in-person worship in the sanctuary on June 6, 2021. Worshippers will be expected to mask and socially distance. We are considering the Sundays in June as a “soft” opening as we adapt to protocols, procedures, and restrictions on numbers. While close attention is being paid to vaccine rates, virus metrics, and government recommendations, it is important to affirm our conviction to have worship available to all people and all ages. We remain committed to welcoming the “breath of humanity” including families with children and others who may be yet unvaccinated.

More details about what to expect when attending worship at 61 Nassau Street will be available very soon. With this exciting announcement, we want to share these crucial details:

  • All worshippers, ushers, and worship leaders (including musicians) will remain masked for the service. All worship leaders are vaccinated and will only remove masks to speak.

  • June worship attendance will be limited to 75 plus worship leaders and ushers. This number is below the calculated safely distanced amount and may be increased over time. Members of a household living together will be able to sit together in the sanctuary, but the seating will be arranged so that social distance is maintained between groups.

  • Registration will be required and the sign up for each Sunday in June will be released all at once. We would respectfully ask households to sign up for only two Sundays in June.

  • Ushers will be assisting worshippers to the pews marked for seating availability. Please understand if a favorite or traditional pew is not available.

  • Bulletins will be available and placed ahead of time in the pews designated for seating.

  • Worship services will be at 10:00 a.m. in the summer and will be livestreamed for those who join virtually. Parts of the service will also continue to be pre-recorded and available to the worshippers in the sanctuary as well. Livestream will continue to allow for the widest participation and many who in the past would not be able to attend physically.

  • A virtual fellowship hour via Zoom will continue with the time to be determined. Plans are being discussed for brief fellowship on the front plaza after worship.

  • Again, more details of what to expect and how to prepare if you are participating in Sunday worship in person will be forthcoming.

The Session, Deacons, and staff of Nassau Presbyterian Church believe that worship rests at the very core of our life together as the Body of Christ. Access to worship for all is the theological conviction that has been at the fore since March of 2019. As a promising new day begins to dawn on what we all pray is the tail end of the pandemic, we continue to be grateful for the light of Christ that illumines our path. We celebrate the grace of Christ that shapes our community of forbearance and understanding. And we bask in the love of Christ that empowers us to continue to love one another and uphold one another as the steps toward being physically present in worship may take a different shape for each one of us.

Faithfully yours,
Kim Kleasen
Bill Creager

Rich O’Brien
Dave Davis
The Forward in Faith Together Working Group
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