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Volume 1 | August 17, 2020
Welcome to Fall Semester at ACC
Dear Family,

It's been a year like never before, but we are still here to ensure your student has an opportunity to create the future you want for them. Starting college can be confusing, so visit our resources to assist your student as they become familiar with Austin Community College.

Did you know that you are your student's most important resource? It doesn’t matter whether or not you went to college. What your student needs most is your encouragement, your recognition of the value of their college work, and your belief in their ability to succeed.

Thank you for your commitment to your student and their work at ACC.

Melissa Biegert
Director, High School Programs
Office of College & High School Relations
Austin Community College
First Day Tips for Your ACC Student
Keep Updated on COVID-19
Visit ACC’s COVID-19 Informational website for the latest updates about how ACC is responding to COVID-19 and details about fall classes and new health and safety measures.
Save These Dates
Sunday, August 23
Open registration closes at 11:59 p.m.

Monday & Tuesday, August 24-25
Add/Drop Schedule Change window for full semester, 16-week session classes

All 2020 Payment Deadlines

Your Student May Owe $$. Here's Why
Your student may owe some tuition and fees after registering for classes. It's important to check their account and pay the full balance before the tuition deadline in order to keep their course enrollment. Interest-free payment plans are an option if you prefer to split the amount in three installments.
They registered in a First Day class
Your student may be registered in a course that's part of the First Day Program. This program bundles required digital textbook purchase with the course tuition and fees at registration. While tuition and fees are waived, your student still must cover the cost of the course materials. Learn more

They registered for an ineligible course
Only courses from the following state-approved categories are eligible for the Dual Credit waiver:
  • Core curriculum courses
  • Foreign language courses, including American Sign Language
  • Workforce courses included in a certificate or applied science degree

They exceeded their 12-course allotment
Your student receives a maximum 12 Dual Credit tuition+fee waivers for eligible courses. After using all the waivers, your student must pay tuition & fees for any additional coursework. Reminder: Any course dropped after the schedule changes period counts toward your student's waiver allotment.
This newsletter is produced by the Office of College and High School Relations at Austin Community College. Send feedback to collegenow@austincc.edu.

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