For Immediate Release
Oct. 19, 2016
Contact: Benjamin Clapper
Senate Candidates Affirm Pro-Life Positions
Mr. Campbell Should Answer Questionnaire
NEW ORLEANS - Last night the leading candidates to replace pro-life Senator David Vitter in Washington, D.C., took the debate stage to discuss topics that are important to Louisiana citizens. The topics discussed by Congressman John Fleming, Congressman Charles Boustany, State Treasurer John Kennedy, Public Service Commissioner Foster Campbell, and attorney Caroline Fayard included national defense, healthcare, Supreme Court nominees, and most importantly, their positions as it relates to defending life in the womb.
Louisiana Right to Life Executive Director Benjamin Clapper was pleased that candidates made pro-life statements on the life issues, saying:
"It was encouraging to hear many of the candidates share pro-life positions during last night's debate, especially when discussing appointments to Justice Scalia's former seat on the Supreme Court. Regardless of who wins the presidency, Louisiana needs a senator devoted to choosing a pro-life Supreme Court Justice."
Despite the statements provided by the candidates, Congressman Fleming rightly pointed out that Public Service Commissioner Campbell has not responded to Louisiana Right to Life's 2016 Senate Candidate Questionnaire, despite being given the opportunity to do so. In fact, Mr. Campbell is the only candidate among the five top candidates to fail to answer the questionnaire.
Clapper emphasized the importance of this questionnaire, saying: "Louisiana voters have made it clear that they are concerned about the views candidates hold on pro-life issues. However, a candidate's position cannot only reside in statements made during a debate. It is important for candidates to make their positions clear on specific issues. Especially in light of certain anti-life votes in 1990, Louisiana Right to Life calls on Mr. Campbell to show Louisiana voters where he now stands by committing his pro-life positions to paper on our 2016 Senate Candidate Questionnaire."
To find where candidates for Senate, Congress, and President stand on the life issues, and to compare voting records, visit Louisiana Right to Life's Election Headquarters at  
Louisiana Right to Life     1.866.463.5433    @LARightToLife

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