April 2019

According https://www.autismspeaks.org/autism-facts-and-figures 1 in 59 kids are diagnosed with Autism. Children born to older parents have a higher risk of being born with it. Early intervention is important because these children will need need help with learning, social skills and communication skills. Children with Autism have a higher chance of chronic sleep disorders, ADHD, anxiety and sometimes depression. My son has Asperger's Syndrome and all I can say is keep reading, keep learning and fight for your child's educational rights.

Kids with Autism are more likely to get bullied. If your child attends Clark County School District, report it to the teacher or the principle because there is a timeline for reporting. Attached is a link for the bullying Policy.

Community Connections
Foster Change, in partnership with Through the Eyes of a Child and The Department of Family Services, would like to invite you to this years Spring Celebration. There will be an egg hunt, bounce houses,face painting, and baskets will be provided for your family. For current members all children in your household are welcome.

When: Thursday April 18th from 2-4 pm
Location: Links for Life Park at Child Haven

-Park by Peggy's Attic
-Walk to the Positively Kids Gate to enter Links for Life park


Foster Change Members: C all 702-970-4546 or email sandy@fosterchangecc.org to register any children who do not currently have an open case.

There will be no Support Group this month!
Special Thank You to Ackerman FAS Group!
Thank you so much to Holly Summers and the UNLV Ackerman Center for coming to speak to our caregivers about FASD. Our caregivers were so grateful for the information and support you provided. We hope you will come back and speak again soon.
Respite Opportunities
Canyon Ridge Christian Church hosts Parents Night Out every third Friday of the month from
6-9 pm. For safety purposes, the door closes at 6:30 pm.

Please make sure your children are fed before they are dropped off. Or for a small price you can have family dinner together at the church.
Please click below to create an account if you are interested.

Grace Point Church Church provides free respite care every first Friday of the month. Grace Point Church appreciates the opportunity to help Foster Parents take a little break to catch a movie or go do something fun with their significant other. For more information please contact:

YMCA Family Night
If your family is a member of The YMCA, there are great activities and events to consider.
Events include, Family's Night Out, Parents Night Out and much more. Some events and activities require memberships and some are offered at a low cost. Check the YMCA in your area for more details. Below is an informational flyer specific to the Centennial Hills YMCA.

Meet Your Newest CASA Workers!
CASA Program 101
As a caregiver, you may or may not have worked with a CASA volunteer for a child or sibling group in your home. Each caregiver will likely have different experiences with CASA volunteers as each case is different and there is flexibility in the CASA volunteer role as it relates to day-to-day activities with their assigned child or sibling group. As such, some of you may have a different understanding or experience with each CASA volunteer. So let’s talk about some of the basics when it comes to working with a CASA volunteer. 
What does CASA stand for?
·         Court Appointed Special Advocate.
What is the role of the CASA volunteer?
·          The CASA volunteer is appointed by the Judge to represent the best interest of the child or children to whom they have been assigned, and to advocate for the child, in and out of court. The ultimate goal is to help children achieve permanency in a timely manner.   
Can a caregiver also be a CASA volunteer?
Yes. However, a caregiver cannot be the CASA volunteer for a child or sibling group placed in their home.

How are CASA volunteers different from Children’s Attorney Project (CAP) attorneys?
  • CASA volunteers are assigned to only one child or sibling group, whereas the CAP attorneys have caseloads of approximately 100 children, at any given time. 
  • CASA volunteers are specially trained to consider issues relevant to the best interests of the child. The CAP attorneys are required to protect the child’s legal rights, as well as to represent “the wishes of the child.” 
·         Sometimes, the CASA volunteer and the CAP attorney may have differing opinions, and that is okay, because what the child wants may not necessarily be in his/her best interest. 
Does the CASA program have access to funds that can assist me with my foster child?
No. The CASA program does not, but the CASA Foundation does. The CASA Foundation is a separate 501c3 non-profit organization that supports the efforts of the CASA program, as well as provide for the unmet needs of any foster child. The CASA Foundation supports request for: 
·         Educational Enrichment (Tutoring)
·         Sports
·         Music
·         Travel
·         Activities
·         Medical cost-not covered by Medicaid
·         Miscellaneous – when in doubt, make the request

Can a caregiver request support from the CASA Foundation if the child in care does not have an assigned CASA volunteer?
·         Yes, the CASA Foundation supports any child in care who is under the jurisdiction of the Courts and is assigned a DFS caseworker.

How can I request funds for my foster child through the CASA Foundation?
Go to https://www.CasaFoundationLv.org/request-special-needs to complete the form or call Lorrie Curriden – CASA Foundation Special Needs Committee Chair at 702.338.7174 with questions.

Foster Change member, Vickie Wilson, is the newest member of the 8th Judicial District Court CASA (Clark County) team and previously employed with the Department of Family Services, in various program areas to include permanency, foster care licensing and foster parent recruitment.  
“When you connect to the heart of a child, everything is possible.”
– Dr. Karyn Purvis
Empowered to Connect- Rebroadcast
If you did not get a chance to attend the Empowered to Connect Conference on April 5th and 6th, you missed out. It is life changing and will touch your heart. I learned so much about my children and about generational trauma. I learned every little thing means something. We need to acknowledge and empower our children but overall as parents we need to be mindful of our actions. There is another opportunity to attend if you missed last week. Canyon Ridge Christian Church is so gracious and inviting. They had many requests to rebroadcast and the dates are as follows:

Canyon Ridge Church Information:

Thursday and Friday, April 25&26.
Here are the details on the rebroadcast. Please pass along to anyone you know will be interested in attending.

There are scholarships for DFS Workers, Foster/Adoptive Families, Childcare Workers and others. When you click on the link to register, you will be able see and select a scholarship in the form.

If you have additional questions please let me know.
Lone Mtn - Empowered to Connect Conference

Thursday & Friday, April 25 & 26, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM | Lone Mountain Campus: C100|

Canyon Ridge Christian Church
6200 West Lone Mountain Road
Las Vegas, NV 89130

How Much -Regular Attendees - $20 CEU - $45 (NBCC) or $60 (NASW)(Use the link below for scholarship registrations too) 
 ***Childcare is provided for FREE*** (please register by ASAP so we can plan accordingly)

TBRI Books
About TBRI
TBRI is attachment based, trauma informed intervention.This interesting approach to parenting is geared to vulnerable children who have experienced abuse and neglect. Connecting with your child and building trust can make a huge difference. Learn more about TBRI by watching this video.

We have the following dates available for CPR/First AID and AED training:

Monday 5/6/2019 from 5-9 pm

There is no childcare available for this class.

Please call 702-970-4546 to register or Email sandy@fosterchangecc.org
Available dates for Car Seat Safety Training:

Friday 4/19/2019 from 2-6 pm
Tuesday 7/30/2019 from 6-9 pm

Please bring your car seat to class, if you have one available.

There is no childcare available for this class.
Please call 702-970-4546 to register.
If you are working on your license (kinship caregivers who have children with an open DFS case), there are two required QPI videos that you have to watch for licensing:  Normalcy and  Emergency Preparedness. We have created study guides for the required videos licensed caregivers much watch for re-licensing hours.  Click here to view our available study guides.

We continue to offer our computers for you to use at our office in order to complete videos required for licensing and re-licensing, please call to request an appointment (702) 970-4546.
Required QPI Videos for Re-licensing - NEW STUDY GUIDES
If you are a licensed caregiver and it is time time to renew, you will be required to complete 12 hours of online training through QPInevada.org. There are six hours of trainings you are required to take, and the rest you can choose.

We have created study guides for the required trainings and nine more we recommend that will equal 12 hours. Click  HERE for the study guides, or give us a call and we'd be happy to provide it for you!
Adoption Exchange - Online Training
The Adoption Exchange offers free online training for Foster and Adoptive parents. Please register first to gain access to the online learning. If you already have an account with The Adoption Exchange please log in and take advantage of the free training.

The Adoption exchange also offers a lending library which is an excellent post adoption service. Please click on the link below for more information.

SAFY offers a Sex Education class for children an
if you would like more information contact SAFY at 702-385-5331. SAFY also provides services such as Intensive Family Intervention Services
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and Depression*
  • ADHD*
  • Conduct Issues*
  • Transition and Adjustments*
Discounts for Foster Families
SeaQuest offers the opportunity for children in Foster Care to enjoy SeaQuest free of charge. Please take your placement letter with you.

Children's Discovery Museum offers a reduced fee of $3.00 per person (up to four guests) if you show an EBT, WIC, SNAP card or foster care license.
Merlin's Magic Wand
Merlin's Magic Wand offers the opportunity to apply for a travel grant to to places such as Legoland and Madame Tussauds. The travel grant can cover the cost of tickets and parking.
For more information on how to apply please click below.
Fire Extinguisher Service
These two companies have very affordable rates if you need your fire extinguisher recharged.

301 W St Louis Ave
(702) 384-1546
Open ⋅ Closes 4PM   

Refer Your Friends
Need Support? Do you know that there are support groups for Foster, Adoptive, and Kinship families across Las Vegas? We have recently compiled a list of groups and hopefully you will find one that meets your needs!

Sandy Vargas | Foster Change | 702-970-4546 | |sandy@fosterchangecc.org | www.fosterchangecc.org