Looking for a way to both support your current foster families AND raise awareness in the community about foster care? Create a Foster Care Closet!

What you’ll need:
  • Space to store items such as clothing, diapers, toys, coats, blankets, and anything else your foster families need.
  • Talking points, as well as a simple graphic about the needs of children in care in your community. Include the items mentioned above (suggest “new” items, as many closets get inundated with older things), and also the reasons why it’s important to have a sufficient number of foster families in your community.
  • Buy-in from your agency staff, who should be prepared to spread the word and accept donations.

You’re ready to begin:
  • Identify and campaign to family-friendly groups, whether they’re faith groups, businesses, or non-profits in your community.
  • Communicate your talking points–get groups excited about what they can do to help children in your community!
  • Give a heads-up to local media, who can photograph carloads of diapers, shopping carts of winter coats, or other supply-drives for foster care.

Your Foster Closet in action
  • Make sure your foster families have quick and easy access to the items in the closet
  • Post photos and stories on your agency’s website/social media pages
  • Create a buzz, and maybe some friendly competition, in your community to raise awareness

A Foster Closet shows your families you’re aware of their needs. It’s appreciation in action by your agency and by the community for the all-important work foster families do in caring for kids. Your entire community will be more aware of foster care and how important foster families are.