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Foster Kinship News
A Note from Ali
Since 2011, Foster Kinship’s Programs have helped grandparents and other relatives provide safe, permanent and nurturing homes for children in Clark County who are unable to live with their parents and are at risk of entering the traditional foster care system.

Foster Kinship’s programs assist kinship caregivers in this momentous task against great odds and helps children who can't be with their parents stay with their family- so they can grow in certainty, security and stability into the futures they so richly deserve.

Thank you for being willing to make investment in these children. I am pleased to share our 2018 annual report. Your support in 2018 offered caregivers hope in practical and real ways, and helped them to overcome and begin to make corrections to the trauma, neglect and abuse the children have experienced.

I am also so excited about what 2019 holds. We are expanding our Navigator Program across the entire state of Nevada. We are also undergoing a rigorous outside evaluation to provide further evidence that our Navigator Program positively changes lives for children in kinship care.

We are so very grateful for your partnership with us to ensure safe, stable, and nurturing childhoods for children in kinship care - to help keep home in the family.


Kinship Navigator Program
Family Advocates
Nani Garrett - Manager
Leah Dods
Sandy Vargas
Anntesha Chesterton

Our wonderful Family Advocates are always available by appointment Monday through Friday 10 AM to 4 PM to help with completing guardianship, application assistance such as Child-Only TANF, SNAP, and Medicaid. And to provide you with a number of community resources. Please give us a call 702-546-9988.
Kinship Support Groups

We are excited to announce that we have added one more English speaking support group and a brand NEW Spanish speaking support group! CLICK HERE for a full schedule.

For licensed caregivers you can received one hour of licensing hours for support groups (Exception: SEPTEMBER and DECEMBER Evening groups)

Los Cuidadores con licencia pueden recibir una hora de credito de licencia para grupos de apoyo (Exception: Grupos de noche de Septiembre Y Diciembre)

Evening Support Group
2nd Tuesday of the Month
Child Care & Dinner Provided
6:00PM to 7:30PM

Afternoon Support Group
3rd Thursday of the Month
No Child Care Available, Lap Babies Welcome
1:00PM to 2:00PM

Grupo De Apoyo En Espanol
3r Martes Del Mes
No Hay Guarderia
Hora: 1:00PM to 2:00PM
Staff Spotlight!
Congratulations to Gus Mota , one of our wonderful child care providers. He has been awarded the Foster Kinship Marcie O'Donnell Award !!!!

This award was established in 2017 in honor of Marcie O'Donnell, This award was established in 2017 in honor of Marcie O'Donnell, a generous benefactor and supporter of Foster Kinship. Each year, a wonderful deserving employee wins this award as the employee has mirrored the efforts modeled by Mrs. O'Donnell which include: passion for family success, dedication to the team and families, and overall excels in advancing the mission of Foster Kinship.

Gus has been a wonderful addition to Foster Kinship. He is always excelling and going above and beyond in his role. It is evident the children and caregiver's notice this and admire him as much as we do! Thank you Gus.
Pictured Left to Right: Michelle Pulido, Gus Mota, and Nani Garrett.

Michelle and Nani are past winners of this prestigious award.
Caregiver Self-Care & Respite!
In 2019, we are dedicating time to help caregiver's refill their cup. Caregivers have such a difficult job and we want to be able to provide you all with respite opportunities. The best place to hear of up and coming opportunities is our CLOSED Facebook Group - Nevada Kinship Caregivers.

February and March we will be offering yoga at our office for caregivers! There is no child care available.


February 7th & March 7th from 12:30-1:45PM

Call us to register 702-546-9988

Movie Night/Caregiver Night Out!

Do you need a night out- without the kids? Sign up for the kids movie night at Foster Kinship. We will provide the movie, childcare, and popcorn, so you can have a few hours to yourself!

Drop off is 5:45, pick up no later than 8:15.


Children 2 and older.

Space is limited to the first 15 children to sign up. We are nearing capacity for the event.

You must be a Foster Kinship client to RSVP.

STAY TUNED for more respite and self-care opportunities that we will be adding throughout the year! The best place to stay up to date is our CLOSED Facebook Group ---> Nevada Kinship Caregivers .


Foster Kinship's own, Michelle Pulido, has started a Kinship Girl Scouts Troop 546 (KIN).

At Girl Scouts, girls discover who they are, where their talents lie, and what they care the most about. The connect with people int heir communities. And they take action to change the world.

Girl Scouts teaches girls to empower themselves by engaging in girl-led, collaborative, and hands-on experiences.

Guided by supportive adults who help girls pursue their goals, girls participate in a variety of fun and challenging activities.

Our troop is open to girls in kindergarten through 5th grade OR higher. It is a multi-level group.

We have scholarships available--ask for details and eligibility.

If you have girls that may be interested in girl scouts, please contact Michelle via phone at our office 702-546-9988 or e-mail Michelle@fosterkinship.org

Do you want to buy GIRL SCOUT COOKIES? Please contact Michelle Pulido - Michelle@fosterkinship.org
Arts and Crafts!

Valentines day is approaching and with that opportunities to do arts and crafts with our kiddos! "One Creative Mommy" has an awesome family night Love Tree valentines day crafts.

We thought this activity could be a wonderful way to commemorate and display all the love our children have. It says to have one heart for each family member--you can decide do you want to do the family members just in the household. I think this is an opportunity to add in the biological parents of the children and adding in loved ones that may not be living in the home.

CLICK HERE to go to the website!
Training Corner
Kinship Licensing Classes

We continue to offer Kinship Licensing classes for all caregivers caring for a relative placed with them by Department of Family Services.

If you have any questions about the specific licensing class schedule, CLICK HERE to view our website for a monthly list of our classes. As a reminder, you MUST be registered for classes by your DFS Licensing Technician.

CPR and Car Seat Class Schedule

Remember CPR and Car Seat (if you have kids 6 and under) classes are required for licensing. Give us a call to sign up 702-546-9988!
Online QPI Training for Initial and

If you need help accessing a computer to complete the online training hours for initial licensing (3 hours) or re-licensing (12 hours), please give us a call to schedule a time to use our computers! 702-546-9988.

We are also holding group viewings, with childcare (LIMITED SPACE) for the Initial Licensing videos -- Normalcy and Emergency Preparedness. You must call to RSVP and register children for child care.

2019 DATES:
Thursday, March 7th from 6-9PM
Monday, May 13th from 6-9PM
Thursday, July 25th from 6-9PM
Wednesday, September 4th from 6-9PM
Kinship Family Outreach
K.A.N. Meetings

KAN stands for Kinship Advocacy Meeting 
Foster Kinship's KAN meeting offer caregivers to come together to have their voices heard. 

Our vision is to have a group of grassroots activists, who want to see change within our system, share their stories with leaders and policy makers and encourage positive change for kinship families.

Some of our group priorities will include:
1. Making Child only TANF available to fictive kin who have foster care placements 
2. Opening up subsidized guardianship (KinGap) to fictive kin
3. Looking at the termination of guardianship process

We are strong together! Our KAN meetings will be held at our office every last Thursday of the month from 5PM to 6PM. A little time our of your day can make a big change for our children. 

Meeting Dates
February 28, 2019 
March 28, 2019
April 25, 2019
May 23, 2019
June 27, 2019  

Generations United Grand families Update

Around the nation states are doing a better job recognizing kinship families. With navigator funds now being available families can get better supportive services when caring for a relative. All but 4 states have applied for navigator funds. The state of Nevada is partnering with Foster Kinship to expand our Navigator statewide and to enhance our services in Clark County. In addition, they have contracted an outside evaluator to evaluate our program model.

Policy updates:
Grandparents raising grandchildren act The Supporting Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Act was signed into law on July 7, 2018 after unanimously passing the U.S. House and Senate. The law establishes a Federal Advisory Council to Support Grandparents and Other Relatives Raising Children. The advisory council will exist for three years.

Noticias en Español 
Personal es Importante  
En 2019, estamos dedicando tiempo para ayudar a los cuidadores a rellenar su taza. Los cuidadores tienen un trabajo tan difícil y queremos poder brindarle a todos oportunidades de relevo. El mejor lugar para conocer nuevas oportunidades es nuestro Grupo de Facebook CERRADO: Nevada Kinship Caregivers.

¡Febrero y marzo ofreceremos yoga en nuestra oficina para los cuidadores! No hay cuidado de niños disponible.


7 de febrero y 7 de marzo de 12: 30-1: 45PM

Llámenos al registro 702-546-9988.
Cuidadores Parientes deben de terminar el entrenamiento de Normalidad y Preparación de Emergencia para completar su licencia. Si necesita completar 12 horas de entrenamiento porque necesita renovar la licencia, aquí puede tomar varios entrenamientos.    

Si usted le gustaría hacer sus entrenamientos QPI en su casa, lo puede acceder entrando directamente si oprime debajo.

Si usted necesita ideas para ayudarle a sus niños a que se ganen privilegios y premios. Trate de utilizar un grafico donde pueden ahorrar puntos para privilegios o premios. Usted lo puede arreglar basado en la edad de los niños. Para cada oficio que terminen pueden lograr puntos. Esto no solo hace que terminen oficios pero les ayuda con el comportamiento. Usted les puede quitar puntos que van ahorrando si se portan mal y darles puntos cuando se portan bien.   
Cada tercer Martes del mes a la 1 pm nos reuniremos para tener Grupo de Apoyo en Español. Es muy importante tratar de asistir porque tenemos mucho estrés y preocupaciones que podemos desahogar en grupo. Podemos conocer mas personas que están tal vez pasando por lo mismo, y así ayudarnos el uno al otro. Por favor no pierda esta oportunidad de apoyar nuestra comunidad Hispana/Latina que esta cuidando niños en Cuidado de Crianza. Si tiene mas preguntas no se demore en llamar y pregunte por Sandy 702-546-9988. No habrá guardería para los niños en estos grupos.  
Para un cuidador que tiene custodia tutela (guardianship) puede pedir algo titulado Child Only TANF (asistencia temporal para familias necesitadas) en el departamento de Welfare. Esta asistencia se la proporcionan si tiene relación de sangre con los niños que esta cuidando. La cantidad que pagan es $418 por el primer niño y $50 dólares por cada niño adicional. Tiene que mostrar la relación proporcionando actas de nacimiento y llevar los números de seguro social de los niños. Dependiendo de su situación pueden pedir mas comprobantes. También existen pagos Kinship para las personas que tienen mas de 62 años y si están cuidando mas de un niño pueden calificar para que le paguen $418.00 por cada niño que sea su pariente. necesita saber si califica para esta asistencia llame y pida a Sandy al 702-546-9988.   
Si usted aun no tiene tutela y necesita asistencia con el proceso tribunal, por favor llame hoy. Sandy esta a su disposición 5 días por semana de Lunes a Viernes.  
Si tiene niñas de edad escolar, se pueden unir a la tropa Girl Scouts 546 . Las niñas se reúnen cada Lunes a las 4pm.  Girl Scouts les da la oportunidad de conocer nuevas amigas y tienen oportunidad de salir a excursiones. En esta etapa están aprendiendo lecciones en lo social y como administrar dinero porque están vendiendo galletas. Si usted esta interesada llame y pida Michelle 702-546-9988, Las Girl Scouts de hoy serán las lideres de mañana.