The Eastern North American Region (ENAR) of the International Biometric Society will be hosting the 2022 Fostering Diversity in Biostatistics Workshop March 27, 2022. The workshop will focus on connecting underrepresented minority students interested in biostatistics with professional (bio)statisticians in academia, government, and industry. The target audience will include high school, undergraduate, as well as graduate students.

The workshop will feature:
  • Hands-on computing activities for high school and undergraduate students.
  • Roundtable discussions for students focusing on preparing for a graduate degree in biostatistics and transitioning to the career market.
  • Roundtable discussions for professionals focusing on supporting, recruiting, and retaining students.
  • Panel discussions between students and professionals focusing on career opportunities and mentoring.
  • An interactive networking fair among undergraduates and graduate students and representatives from schools offering MS and PhD degrees in Biostatistics.

Registration is required and lunch will be provided.

NOTE: We are planning for an in-person meeting. However, because of uncertainty about how the COVID-19 pandemic will progress, this may not be possible, and we may decide to pivot to a virtual workshop if we cannot meet in person. Participants will be notified in advance if the workshop is virtual.

To learn more, please contact Loni Phillip Tabb or Miguel Marino.