We are trying to help 4 amazing dogs (and 8 newborns)... if you can open your home and heart as a short-term foster, please reach out right away. We provide all supplies and tons of support.
Make a difference and become a Knine foster today!

Squash is a @3 year old male 25 lbs beagle mix. He has a super sweet demeanor and loves to be close to people.

Gourd is a @2 year old beautiful female brindle pup. She is sweet and likes to go for walks. Both Squash and Gourd are good with other dogs.

Peanut is a neutered @2 year old 25 lbs pup. He's housebroken, loves other dogs and is good with kids.

Mama Riley has 8 newborn pups. They are all adorable! Mama is so sweet and just needs a safe place to rest with her babies.... Pups are pretty "easy" at this stage. Mama cleans and feeds them. Knine provides supplies and support. it's a super fun and rewarding experience!