Volume No.13 | 12/18/2017
Fosun News
Fosun to Bring Cutting-Edge Cancer Treatment to China

Chinese pharmaceutical giant Shanghai  Fosun  Pharmaceutical Group Co. Ltd. will launch the cell therapy Yescarta in China, a new variant of a cutting-edge cancer treatment that received its first U.S. regulatory approval just four months ago.

Fosun Family
Nature's Sunshine Starting to Capitalize on Chinese Market Entry

Network marketing company Nature's Sunshine posted strong revenue growth in its third quarter by starting to capitalize on its long-awaited entry into the Chinese market, and pitting a software problem to bed.

World's Leading Online Family Platform Babytree from China Announced Offline Plans for Childcare

GES (Global Education Summit) 2017 Future Education Conference was held in Beijing on November 28-29, 2017. The participants of the conference included leading characters of Chinese education industry, officers and business elites of the educational technology fields within China and overseas. Former U.S. President Barack Obama was invited to the conference to give a keynote speech.

A Club Med in Every Corner

The resort chain makes the m ost of the local allure in 65 destinations around the world.Club Med, established in 1950, now has better than 65 resorts in 26 countries. Each has its own unique design, but all serve as self-sustained “small towns” within their own settings. The approach is all-inclusive, with packages covering accommodation, activities on land and in the water, food and beverages, airport transfers and daily caretaker services.

China Insight Out
China, the Digital Giant - Kaifu Lee

China has firmly established itself as a global leader in consumer-oriented digital technologies. It is the world’s largest e-commerce market, accounting for more than 40% of global transactions, and ranks among the top three countries for venture capital investment in autonomous vehicles, 3D printing, robotics, drones, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Consumer Barometer
These were the Most Popular Brands, Trends & Products of 2017

Global fashion search platform Lyst has released its  Year In Fashion 2017 Report , charting and analysing the most sought-after trends, brands and items of the year. Tracking more than 100 million searches by 80 million shoppers in 120 countries, Lyst's data reveals exactly what everyone wanted to wear in 2017.

GloCal 2.0
The Newcomers: 10-Day Architectural Performance at 28 Liberty in Lower Manhattan

Fosun has recently hosted “The Newcomers,” a 10-day live performance on the land-marked plaza at 28 Liberty in Lower Manhattan, New York. Presented by American architects and artists Alex Schweder and Ward Shelley, the Newcomers is a durational architectural performance that challenges people to think beyond traditional views of architecture.

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