Volume No.17 | 2/13/2018
Fosun News
Guo Guangchang: Corporate China To Boost China-UK Relations in the Golden Era

On the morning of February 2nd, British Prime Minister Theresa May visited Shanghai and attended China-UK Business Forum, where the Chinese and British entrepreneurs communicated to enhance the “Golden Era” of UK-China relations. Chairman Guo Guangchang delivered a speech from the perspective of technology driving the development of new finance and reinforcing Sino-British cooperation to boost the internationalization of RMB.

Fosun Gives Cirque du Soleil a Second Shot at Wooing Chinese Audiences

The famous Cirque du Soleil did not exactly bring the house down the last time it attempted to woo Chinese audiences. Lacklustre ticket sales forced the troupe to scrap a resident show, ZAIA, in Macau, less than four years into a 10-year contract with casino operator Sands China.

Fosun Family
Club Med Opens First In-Store Boutique in HK with Wincastle Travel

All-inclusive resorts operator Club Med has joined hands with Hong Kong-based premium travel agent Wincastle Travel to launch its first in-store boutique in the city targeting affluent Hong Kong travelers.

China Insight Out
China, UK to Sign $13 Billion in Deals on Theresa May Trip

China and the U.K. will sign $12.8 billion worth of business deals covering construction, finance, agriculture and technology, as British Prime Minister Theresa May makes her first state visit to the country accompanied by a 50-strong business delegation.

Consumer Barometer
Why China's Greater Bay Area Matters for Your Business

China’s state planners will shortly publish details on China’s Greater Bay Area (GBA) initiative. But should strategy teams and executive teams Hong Kong be focused on the issue? The short answer is yes. But not just because of the initiative itself. The Greater Bay matters because leading Guangdong-based players are already using Hong Kong as gateway for their international expansion .

GloCal 2.0
Remember QR codes? Well they are powering China...

If you are on the hunt for an end-to-end mobile solution then this post is for you! 
15 years ago a very excited ex-colleague introduced me to a funky looking bar code. That bar code was called a 'QR code'. "It’s the future", he proclaimed. 

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