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Cystic Fibrosis: 
Diagnosis and therapy now available at the Hospital Infantil's CF Program.

Until recently, a family living in Baja needed to travel 10 to 12 hours to Hermosillo or Obregon to administer Cystic Fibrosis diagnostic tests for a child.  As of last February, the Hospital Infantil de las Californias now has the equipment to conduct the necessary tests.  We also have the areas first CF program for children in the region, offering the latest care for this grievous condition. 


Cystic fibrosis is a life-threatening disease that affects the lungs and digestive system.  When mucous clogs the lungs it becomes very difficult to breathe.  Infections and inflammation leads to severe lung damage and eventually respiratory failure.


Different factors can affect the individuals' health and course of this disease.  In the early 1950's few children lived past 5 years old.  Early diagnosis and the latest research and care methods are prolonging life for CF patients and many live into adulthood. The CF Foundation Patient Registry has predicted the median age of survival for people with CF in the USA today is in the early 40's.  


Because of the lack of early diagnosis and availability to CF centers, the life expectancy in Mexico is much less and currently predicted at 17 years old.  The estimated children born with CF in Mexico are 400 per year.  There are approximately 6000 children living in Mexico with CF and only 20-30% have been diagnosed.  


At the Hospital Infantil, we can diagnose and get therapy started early for children with CF.    Thanks to our supporters, we are humbled to be able to prolong the life and lessen the suffering of our CF patients.
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Just $16 pays for a much needed pediatric consultation.
Does A Child Living At A Garbage Dump Get Any Needier?
May 2014
Message from the Executive Director, Eileen BenjaminED

At Hospital Infantil, we hear dramatic stories about the needs of our young patients. Our hospital's social workers have daily encounters with indigent families from the shanty shacks and squatter communities in Tijuana, where inadequate infrastructure breeds illness.   Homeless families find their way to us from the far reaches of Mexico and California, seeking needed healthcare for their children.  Poverty has meant that they have waited for non-immediate surgeries, in addition to medical and dental services.  For them, food is a priority before medicine; we treat their children when the situation reaches the breaking point.


Can you imagine kids with more dire situations?  This week I learned the answer is yes.  Next month, a group of medically neglected children will visit our hospital for check ups and dental care. They live in Tijuana, about an hour from our office in Kearny Mesa.   They are the children of families who call the Tijuana dump their home.


Every day, these children help to scour rubbish in hopes of finding something that will help them survive. Their livelihood is searching for recyclables or anything else their family might be able to sell.  Sadly, these innocent young children find their sustenance in other people's trash.


Lic. Alejandra Guzman, a Pediatric Nutritionist and a very special angel at the Hospital Infantil, has been going to the Tijuana dump  to take the children food and goodies. She worries about their health and wellbeing.  As a nutritionist, she cringes at what mealtime means for them.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner among the trash?  Her simple gifts are real treasures for the kids, not the scavenged kind thrown away by someone else.  She tells stories of seeing the same children in the same dirtied clothes on each visit.


Alejandra & HIC volunteer Gina Romo

Alejandra and our hospital staff are organizing the children to receive dental exams and physical check ups.   Like all children who enter our doors, they won't be turned away for inability to pay.  Any needed follow up care will be provided for them as well.  We will make certain that health or dental issues won't be an additional cause of their suffering.


Our hats are off to Alejandra and her helpful volunteers, who look out for the children of the dump, and to our medical and dental teams, who selflessly donate their time to alleviate the pain of any child.  They cannot change the poverty, but with a collaborative effort, they can alleviate the physical suffering of many children.


Our sincere appreciation goes to the new and long time supporters of our PAPI program (Program de Apoyo a Pacientes Indigentes), who serve as affirmation of our mission to ensure that all kids get the surgeries and care that they need.  With your help in 2013, the hospital distributed $442,604 to aid 12,592 patients.  Thank you for helping our region's neediest kids.



Eileen Benjamin

Executive Director
A Tour of Health for the Children of the Mega Region - Delivering Hope for Tijuana and San DiegoHICTour
Expedition Date: Wednesday, June 18th, 2014 
(9:00am to 2:00pm approximately)

Would you like to join us for a little adventure?  We are chartering a comfy bus of fun folks to see the Hospital Infantil de las Californias and meet some of the children featured in our story above.


This is a hosted (no cost to you) event.  The day will also include a yummy Mexican "soul food" lunch at Barrio Star in San Diego.  We are limited to 50 guests and will take RSVP's on a first come, first serve basis.


It's a short and safe trip (only 1/2 mile) across the border and it will be fun, just a little adventurous, and HEARTWARMING.  We are excited to share with you our surgery center and how your kind support is being put to good use at our pediatric medical facility.  We help thousands of our region's children each month . . . thanks to YOU!


We hope to have you with us. Click here to RSVP


*Passport is required for travel into Mexico

2014 Annual TVtonTVton

2014 Annual TVton was a success for the children!

It is awesome to see the support of the Tijuana and Baja community for the Hospital Infantil de las Californias.  It was a very busy day of broadcasting live at the medical campus last Saturday, May 17th.  Our special thanks to XEWT Televisa 12 airing the TVton.  Over $700,000 was raised through the generosity of the citizens of Baja Mexico who made contributions on air.  The funds will help operate the hospital and cover costs for the indigent program.  No child is turned away for inability to pay! 
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