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Cupids for the Kids Tour at Hospital Infantil de las Californias
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Save the Date for the "Cupids for the Kids Tour" on February 12, 2014
SpecialCaseSponsor a Child
Mizaeli Aguiluz
Mizaeli Bastidas is a 16 year old girl who suffers from Ptsosis, or drooping eyelid in her left eye and needs surgical correction. 
This particular photo does not demonstrate the malfunction that she suffers with.   Mizaeli frequently has to lift her eye lid with her hand to see better.  She has dropped out of school because of the teasing by her peers.  Let's get her back on track!


Sponsorship needed: $800.00
SolarA Gift That Keeps On Giving
Kudos to the San Antonio-based North American Development Bank (NADB) and the Border Environment Cooperation Commission who will jointly will spend $200,000 to fund a solar installation for our hospital.


The funds are slated for "technical assistance" for the Government of the State of Baja California's $500,000 solar project at the region's only children's hospital.


Baja California will install 500 solar panels which will cover 80 percent of our facility's electricity needs. The project will generate a yearly savings of $31,000 over its expected 25-year life!


"We are proud to support institutional capacity-building for solar energy in the border region, especially for health care institutions that have a significant social impact on communities, such as the Hospital Infantil de las Californias," NADB Managing Director Ger�nimo Guti�rrez said in a written statement.


We are honored to be selected as the beneficiary of a gift that generates years of benefit for our medical institution!

December 2013


Message from the Executive Director

Being the BEST, For the Children



 It has been a remarkable year of recognition for the Hospital Infantil de las Californias, as champions of compassion, for our dedication to humanity, and excellence in charity.  We proudly accept these honors on behalf of you, and each supporter who has shared in our mission to help children without resources get the medical care they need to live healthy lives.


While the Hospital Infantil de las Californias often receives accolades, 2013 has been extraordinary. The prestigious regional and national awards we have received are a tribute to our community supporters and the dedicated professionals who unselfishly give their time and passion to treating thousands and thousands of children with common to life threatening health issues.


A smart friend and I were recently discussing what it takes to be true champions, where worthy difference makers get deserved "accolades".... and the best get recognized for their efforts.  It takes hard work, dedication and the blood, sweat and tears of champions.  Most important is the passion to stay the course and the ability to perform wisely.  Together we have accomplished that.  I can't help but enthusiastically say, "We are the best!"


Although, there is more work to do. We want you to know your support is making a difference towards our mission. We proudly summarized the year's accomplishments below.


Galard�n Pedro Romero de Terreros: (May 23, 2013)

Co-founder Dr. Chong on left


On May 23rd in Mexico City, we were selected for the national award by Nacional Monte de Piedad from over 600 organizations in the area of Health Provision in Mexico to receive a substantial prize of approximately one million dollars over three years. Two other awards were granted on that day, one in education and another in social service, making three winners in all.  Co-founder and pediatric surgeon, Dr. Gabriel Chong accepted the awards on behalf of the Hospital Infantil de las Californias. The best part of winning was being told that we were the applicant having the best-kept records and financial transparency! Read More

For the Children,


Eileen Benjamin

Executive Director
PoolAquatic Physical Therapy at the HIC is One-of-a-kind!

Did you know that the Hospital Infantil de las Californias has the only pediatric rehabilitation pool in Northwestern Mexico?  Passing by our pool is a source of pride when giving a facility tour.   There are always happy faces in the water.


Many of the children in the pool are wheelchair bound. The water isn't harsh on their limbs and the diminished gravity helps them move easily and even walk.  For many of the children it is their only opportunity to get out of a wheelchair, off the floor or a bed and moving.... thus, the big smiles!


Aquatic Physical Therapy involves exercises in the water. It is especially beneficial for children who have difficulty with weight bearing activities. Exercising in the water provides several benefits that exercise on land cannot. The natural buoyancy of water offers support for the body by diminishing the effects of gravity. As a result, it reduces stress on joints and muscles, while providing moderate compression for improved circulation to promote healing and improved muscle tone. 


Dr. Yuly Ana Cruz Graff, our volunteer rehabilitation specialist considers our pool a blessing to the children. "We are pleased to be helping so many physically challenged children obtain an opportunity to maximize their potential," she says.  This is offered to hundreds of patients in need of therapy, regardless of socioeconomic status. 
BikeTourSave the Date - Tri-National Benefit Bike Tour
StatsProof Is In The Progress!  See Our Current Stats
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