New Pediatric Surgery Center Opens in Tijuana
Orphanage Program
Legacy Concert with The Beach Boys
Special Case: Jose
Special Case: Ariana
Our New Pediatric Surgery Center is Unveiled

Hundreds of supporters from the United States, Canada and Mexico joined together to celebrate the opening of the Harland Sanders Ambulatory Surgery Center at the Hospital Infantil de las Californias.  

The new 26,000 square foot center houses 3 surgical suites, recovery rooms and support offices.  The center will expand on our 26 specialty service capabilities that include general surgery, nose, throat, eye and dental surgeries along with our alliance with Shriners' provision of orthopedic, hand, ear, cleft and burn reconstruction. 

OR 1   

"This hospital and new surgery center belongs to the children of the region," said HIC co-founder Dr. Elizabeth Jones.  Read more

Orphanage Program

One of the teenagers enrolled in the Hospital Infantil de las California's training classes to help prepare for life after age 18 (when orphans can no longer can live at their prospective orphanages). Of special importance is the older orphans' training to be good "nannies" for the younger children living with them, and who look up to them for help and guidance. (There are never enough staff to look out for all the children's needs, especially their emotional ones). The 6 weeks of classes include One ofsessions from doctors in physiology, nutrition, dental care, leadership, fun activities, and certify them in first aid and CPR.  The students also fill out a Health Passport (shown) for each child in their prospective orphanages to have for their lifetime. 


About the Health Passport:


The Health Passport is a 22 page ID booklet and lifelong mini health record for children. This bilingual medical history has had an enormous positive impact for caregivers.  It logs medical care history and contains phone numbers of medical personnel, emergency numbers and contact information. Read More

November 2012
Message from the Executive Director 
Dear FCC Supporters, 


This Thanksgiving will be one of our most gratifying ever as we reflect on many good things occurring on behalf of our young patients.  We are tremendously grateful to all of our sponsors and guests of the recent Legacy Concert for the Children with The Beach Boys.   We are humbled by your support of our mission.  With your help we netted $1.13 million dollars that will further our work at the Hospital Infantil de las Californias.  Read More

Legacy Concert with The Beach Boys!
Beach Boys
The Beach Boys performing


The Beach Boys performed at the Santaluz Club on September 30th to raise funds for equipment for the new Harland Sanders Ambulatory Surgery Center at the Hospital Infantil de las Californias.  


Contributions will also help the hospital's indigent fund program that insures that all children will receive care regardless of their ability to pay.

John Stamos
John Stamos

In addition to the dinner concert event, a pre-show sponsor party was held where Beach Boys band members greeted and took photographs with guests.  A fireworks finale ended the outstanding performance by band members Mike Love, Bruce Johnson, John Stamos, Christian Love, Ambha Love, Randell Kirsch, Tim Bonhomme, Scott Totten and John Cowsill. 


The crowd of over 800 were on their feet singing along to favorite songs including "Surfin' USA,"  "Catch A Wave," and "Surfer Girl" among others popular hits in the 90 plus minute performance.  The addition of John Stamos to the band thrilled many in the crowd and brought added energy to the show. Read more



Special Case: Meet Jose
Special case


Name: Jose Fabian Valencia Duran

Age: 7 months 

Hometown: Escuinapa, Sinaloa


Jose Fabian is an only child; his mother is a homemaker and his father works in construction with an income of about $58.00 a week. They do not have any type of medical insurance.


Mrs. Valencia temporarily relocated to Tijuana with a friend while her son gets medical attention.  She mentioned they came to Hospital Infantil because they don't have a pediatric specialty complex in her hometown and HIC came highly recommended.


She tells us the baby's problem started as a simple infection, their doctor believed it was conjunctivitis and he put him on medication but the problem did not go away because a bacteria (pseudonoma) caused the infection and Jose lost sight in one eye in a matter of days. Fortunately the infection only attacked one eye but it will be necessary to remove it and place a prosthetic.


Total cost of surgery and prosthetic at HIC: $1,548.00


Click here to contribute to Jose's surgery 

Special Case: Meet Ariana
SC Ariana


Name: Ariana Michell Ortiz Macias

Age: 2 yrs 11 months 

Hometown: Tijuana, Baja California


Ariana is an only child; her father is self-employed as an auto body worker with an average income of $100.00 per week. The family lives in a small one-bedroom apartment. 


Ariana and her mother have Seguro Popular 
(an insurance program similar to Medicare) but unfortunately it does not cover the kind of surgery Ariana needs.

  Sc Ariana 2

Ariana needs to have a cyst removed from one of her eyelids. The cyst is believed to be bening but doctors will send it to pathology for further testing.


Total cost of tests and surgery at HIC: $825.00


Click here to contribute to Ariana's surgery 

If you would like to join us in our cause and make a difference in the lives of children we would love to hear from you!

Eileen Benjamin
Executive Director 
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