Dear Friend Of The Foundation,
What a year it has been! It is amazing to think back to 2019 when we eagerly anticipated what this year would look like and how we could celebrate 50 years of the Bar Foundation. While we considered a variety of different options, we knew we wanted to see all of you and were in the planning stages to celebrate around the state. Little did any of us know what was coming. Even though things did not go the way we hoped, we still count ourselves so lucky. We can celebrate that we have very generous donors and an uptick in the housing market helped us wade the waters of uncertainty. These allowed us to support our grantees working incredibly hard to help those in need. We were extremely fortunate to present Governor David Beasley with the 2020 DuRant Award in person in South Carolina (which you can watch here.) While we envisioned toasting glasses in person at Cocktails in the Courtyard events, we instead had the opportunity to host two incredibly fun virtual mixology events attended by lawyers from across the country.

With only days remaining for this milestone occasion, we ask that you consider making a lasting impact and donate in honor of our anniversary. There are many ways you can show your support and here some examples:

  • Meet President, Jennifer Blumenthal's $50 for 50 Challenge by June 30th.

  • Earn Foundation Friend digital badge for any personal donation of $250 or more.

  • Get your firm/corporate digital donation badge for any firm donation of $500 or more.

  • Recognize your friends and family with a gift in their memory or in honor.

  • Turn your gift into recurring gift- weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually. You set the amount and forget that you need to donate.

  • Donate stock or life insurance to ensure you make a lasting impact.

  • Ensure a justice legacy by including the SCBF in your will or estate plan. If you are 70 ½ or older, you can make tax-free gifts directly from your IRA.

  • Donate annually.

  • Make a pledge and pay monthly, weekly, quarterly or at the end of the year.

  • Follow our social media outlets, and like, share, or comment on our posts.

  • Tell your colleagues what influences you to support the Foundation.

Know that no matter what way you chose to show support, you are making a difference in someone's life today. 81 cents of every donated dollar goes to support our grantees. Your investment in justice for all will reap dividends for years to come. We appreciate your support and hope to see you face to face in Charleston this fall at our Cocktails in the Courtyard event. If you need more information, contact the SC Bar Foundation or visit our website.

Wishing you continued health,

Megan, Marisa & Melissa
Your SCBF Staff
A Note from
Immediate Past President

"The story of the Bar Foundation over the last 50 years has been amazing and inspiring. It's made a difference to countless lives. As we begin the next 50 years, it's up to us to write the next chapter. There will be new challenges, and we will need new and creative solutions. Your support can make a tremendous difference."

Last Chance
We hope you continue to notice our anniversary celebration badges as you surf the internet, on social media pages, on email signatures, and on firm websites. It has been such a pleasure creating these individual badges and having the opportunity to personally thank each donor for their support of the Foundation, our mission, and our grantees.

If you would like to receive your own badge, and personal thanks, simply donate $250 or more (or $500 or more for firms) before June 30, 2021 as we virtually celebrate our 50th anniversary.

Thank you for your steadfast support of the SC Bar Foundation!
Midlands Gives 2021
The continued changes in our lives due to COVID-19 limitations substantiated our need for online and virtual ways of raising funds for our grantees. Midlands Gives was a perfect conduit yet again to help us rely on the collective power of individuals, communities and organizations to encourage giving and to celebrate generosity to help boost our fundraising endeavors.

With the help of 59 donors, the South Carolina Bar Foundation received a total of $7,092! We continue to be grateful for the many ways our donors support us and our fundraising efforts. Thank you for your generosity!
Save the Date
Upcoming Event
Cocktails in the Courtyard
Oct. 26, 2021 - 5:30 p.m. | The William Aiken House
Interested in sponsoring Cocktails in the Courtyard? Email Melissa for more information.
Grantee Feature
Left: Antioch Educational Center in Ridgeland,SC; Right: South Carolina Legal Services in Charleston,SC
Antioch Education Center (AEC) operates a much-needed Legal Assistance Program that began nearly four years ago when the SC Bar Foundation started funding a program that provides much-needed legal services for the low-income residents of Jasper County. It has been a huge gift to see over 100 families and individuals get the assistance they need. With help from the South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS), AEC has been able to assist families and individuals with issues such as expungements, landlord-tenant issues, wills, child support, and other non-felony matters.
Due to the assistance and generosity from the SC Bar Foundation, AEC received funding to hire a legal assistant. Initially, AEC requested and received funding for a part-time staff person to assist with the advertising and marketing of this much-needed service. AEC also asked the SCBF to assist with funds that would also allow this part-time staff person to receive the anticipated numerous requests, process, and then book appointments with SCLS's staff attorneys.  
In return, AEC provided free office space, equipment, utilities including telephone and internet services, copying, etc to see attorneys. AEC also provided follow-up and evaluations for all of the clients who booked services through this program. The results were astonishing, fueling the request for three years for additional support. This time, funding was requested to increase the part-time worker to full time. Amazingly, AEC continued to grow the program when they hired a full-time legal assistant.
Now, as the program is in its third year, the full-time assistant is traveling to reopened faith-based institutions, utilizing social media, reaching out to all of AEC's partners, using its website and many other means to identify those Jasper County low-income residents who are in need of affordable legal services. This program has been extremely successful and widely used. Currently, AEC's legal assistant is in the process of visiting Jasper's County's largest low-income housing unit with 175 households, each Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. for the purpose of signing up low-income residents in need of legal services. She will continue going there twice a week for the next six weeks until the end of July.
These are just some of the wonderful opportunities that have been afforded to AEC so that it can reach deep into the hearts of Jasper's low-income communities and make contact with those who are most in need yet cannot afford to hire an attorney.

To follow along with the work of AEC, check out their facebook, instagram, or blog.

Last Chance for President Blumenthal's Challenge:
$50 FOR 50 YEARS
Time is nearly up for you to participate in the $50 for 50 Years Challenge! At the beginning of her presidency, Jennifer Blumenthal, issued a challenge for all members of the SC Bar to donate $50 in support and celebration of the 50 years of service the South Carolina Bar Foundation has provided to the community. Many of you have met or exceeded the challenge. If you haven't donated yet, begin your partnership with us in providing legal services to all South Carolinians. Donate below to join along before June 30, 2021!
Donor Feature
Abacus Planning Group, LLC
"As a money manager, I know how important the rule of law is for the economic engine of our country.  As a citizen of South Carolina, I know how important legal access for every citizen is to forward the momentum of our state. With its history of promoting justice statewide, depth of knowledge of the organizations best equipped to provide legal assistance, and passionate leadership, the South Carolina Bar Foundation is a simple way to drop a pebble and create a wave. It's one of the best gifts/investments Doug and I make each year."
Become a recurring donor today. Visit our website or contact us for more information! Together we can grant legal access and education to all!
Derby Drinks - Virtual Mixology Event
Thanks to those who joined us for a Derby-themed virtual event. We socialized and toasted the accomplishment and great work of the Bar Foundation and the great work of our amazing grantees. Ryan Casey, a renowned bartender, was kind to join us again in instruction of the proper techniques needed to mix a mint julep and traditional whiskey sour and amusing us once more with his historic facts and antidotes about each cocktail.

It was so nice to "see" your faces, and we look forward to hosting more traditional in-person gatherings in the future.

We'd like to send a special note of gratitude for our Board President and Sponsor of this event, Jennifer Blumenthal. Thank you for all you do for us, Jennifer!

Board Member Feature
Fisher Phillips
What initially led you to become involved with the SCBF?
I have always been a fan of the SC Bar Foundation and its mission to promote justice by funding legal access and education. It is so important that all South Carolinians have access to justice. So when I got the opportunity to join the Board by virtue of my role as an officer with the SC Bar, I was excited. 
What has been the most rewarding aspect of serving as a SCBF Board member?
The generosity of Bar members is so impressive. They contribute time and money to help the SCBF achieve its goals. Watching the hard work of the SCBF volunteers, board members and staff is inspiring. COVID was hard on the Foundation.  But it had no effect on the determination of Megan and her staff. South Carolina is blessed to have such a great organization. 
What is your hope for the Foundation in the next 50 years?
Since 1971, the SCBF has awarded more than $50 million to law-related organizations in South Carolina. That is truly amazing. But the SCBF is focused on growing the foundation so that it can award even more in the future. I have watched foundations like the Central Carolina Community Foundation grow. There is no reason the SCBF can’t experience that same growth over the next 50 years. Growing the endowment helps to ensure all citizens can access justice.
What is your stupid human trick?
My wife, Elizabeth (also a lawyer) thinks it odd that I can identify just about any car we see on the road. As a teenager, I was obsessed with cars. I guess the fascination has never worn off. 
If you had a collection of 50 items, what would that collection be of?
I love photos of my family (wife and four children). I cannot get enough of those. Though my children laugh at my efforts at selfies!
If you had chosen a different career, what field would you have pursued?
I admire teachers. I am not sure I have the talents needed to be a teacher, but I have always thought that if I have a next career, that may be something I would like to pursue. My teachers had such an impact on my life. I would like to pay that forward. 

2021 Goldberg Award Recipient
University of South Carolina School of Law
Every year, the I. M. Goldberg Scholarship is awarded to one deserving University of South Carolina law student. The scholarship was established by fellow attorneys to honor the memory of I.M Goldberg, a well-known family law practitioner in Charleston. The student is selected by the law school. The SC Bar Foundation provides the award winner with $500.

This year's recipient is Katherine Engles. Following the July Bar Exam, she will work at Richardson, Plowden & Robinson, P.A. as a first year associate in the Columbia office. Her focus will be primarily on civil and construction defense work.

Join us in congratulating Katherine in this award!
Goodbyes are Never Easy
Board Members Rolling Off
Toya Hampton
Chris Koon
Liz Moorison
Hagood Tighe
Thank you for your roles as board members. Your service is truly appreciated and you will be sorely missed!

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Columbia, SC 29202
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