South Carolina Bar Foundation | Foundation Focus E-Newsletter | September 2019

 We hope your fall is off to a great start! It is hard to believe how quickly time flies when you are having fun and boy did we have a good time last fiscal year. One of the main reasons for that is we got to meet a lot of our great SC lawyers and talk up the Bar Foundation. We are working around the state to increase awareness of what we do and to thank donors for their support.

Last fiscal year we had two new events- a Farm to Table dinner in Columbia, and a Topgolf Tournament in Greenville. Both were incredibly well attended, and we thoroughly enjoyed getting to see some old friends of the Foundation as well as some new faces. We are looking forward to topping last year as we are adding some new events and we hope you will join us.

First up, we are looking forward to celebrating some fall weather with all of our Charleston friends. With the gracious help of Charles Patrick, we will be hosting a cocktail party on the grounds of the William Aiken House on October 29th. Details on how to join us can be found below.

This January, the Foundation will be hosting a legal trivia night at the Bar Convention in Columbia. Please keep an eye out for more details in upcoming outreach materials.

Upcoming Events:
  • October 24th
    YLD is hosting a percent night benefiting the SC Bar Foundation at Craft & Draft in Columbia
  • October 29th
    Cocktails in the Courtyard event at the William Aiken House in Charleston
  • December 3rd
    #givingtuesday, the national day of online giving
When you donate to the SC Bar Foundation you are literally changing lives. You are helping to stem the tide of human trafficking, child abuse and domestic violence. You are helping veterans get the benefits they deserve and are entitled to. You are keeping children and the elderly in their homes. You can feel good about knowing where your donations go because $0.88 of every dollar donated goes to improve communities around the state, including yours!

There are many ways to help fund justice for all:
  • Sponsor and/or attend our events and invite your friends to come too!
  • Consider a recurring gift- weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually- it is one less thing you have to remember
  • Consider an annual gift
  • Recognize your friends and family with a gift in memory or in honor of them
  • Shop and support through AmazonSmile 
  • Leave a justice legacy by including the SCBF in your will or estate plan.  For instance, did you know that if you are 70 ½ or older, you can make tax-free gifts directly from your IRA? 
Whatever way you choose to donate, we appreciate your support. If you need more information contact the SC Bar Foundation or visit our website.

Thanks for all of your support and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Happy Fall Y'all!
Megan, Marisa & Melissa 
Your SCBF Staff

Cocktails in the Courtyard | Charleston, SC

This fall the Foundation is heading to the Lowcountry to celebrate autumn in all its splendor in Charleston's Historic William Aiken House's gorgeous courtyard. Join us for an evening of live jazz, seasonal cocktails, and decadent bites while casually learning about the SC Bar Foundation as well as some local grantees. Cocktails in the Courtyard is the perfect time to catch-up with old friends, form new connections, all while contributing to the advancement of justice in the Charleston community.

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, contact Melissa at

Single: $35 |  Couples: $60
To purchase, click here. 
We're thrilled to announce our leadership for this year.  Thank you for your service!

Christopher Koon

Tiffany Butler

George Cauthen

Cherie Barton

Lisa Cotten

John DeLoache

Jennifer Blumenthal

Jim Sheedy

Byron Gipson

Toya Hampton  

Whitney Harrison


S. Venus Poe
Jeanne Howard
Mary Sharp
Hagood Tighe
Alexis McCumber
Elizabeth Fulton 

We'd be honored for you to partner with us in becoming a recurring donor to the South Carolina Bar Foundation. If you're lead to do so, please visit our  website or contact us for more information!
Together we can grant legal access and education to all!

Grantee Project Focus
A Collaboration of 4 Grantees: One Eighty Place, Charleston Legal Access, SC Legal Services, and Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services 
Our entire mission at the Foundation requires partnership. We partner with a variety of people from all walks of life to accomplish the collective work of providing access to justice
and legal aid for all South Carolinians. This spirit of partnership is epitomized when groups we fund partner with one another. For example, four grantees with completely different missions: One80 Place, Charleston Legal Access, S.C. Legal Services, and Charleston Pro Bono Legal Services are all working together to create a Charleston Housing Court which is scheduled to open in October. The purpose of the court is to provide representation for tenants being served eviction notices by clarifying the charges, and hopefully resolving the issue without the necessity of eviction.   
The need is great for volunteer attorneys to aid in representing those facing eviction.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, and ways you can help, consider attending their upcoming training session listed below.
 Upcoming Training Date:
  • September 20th
    Information Session/Training for Pro Bono Attorneys
    9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. at North Charleston Area 1 Magistrate Court
Scott Morgan, SC Public Radio

Anne Emerson, ABC News 4 
Record Number of Charleston County Evictions Leads to New Court System

We're incredibly proud of the hard work being put in to accomplish such an innovative idea, and grateful to play a role in helping the residents of North Charleston by aiding the efforts of these four grantees.
Donor Focus
A longtime leader in the legal community, Beverly Carroll, a Justice Legacy member and current president of the South Carolina Bar epitomizes what it means to be a public servant. She has been on the Bar Board of Governors since 2016, is a past president of the South Carolina Bar Foundation, and is involved in the UofSC School of Law alumni council. A certified mediator, trial lawyer and philanthropist throughout South Carolina and North Carolina, she has practiced in both the Rock Hill and the Charlotte areas currently serving as of counsel at Morton & Gettys. To read even more of her impressive pedigree, visit her   biography page .
Bev was first led to donate to the Bar Foundation when she "saw some plaques on the wall at the Bar office listing donors and asked about the Foundation." Years later, she was asked to serve on the Bar Foundation Board. "During my service, I served as President of the Foundation. I realized during that service that our contributions allowed us to show support as well as aid those grantees to do more."
Bev continues to be an active donor because she is constantly moved by the work done by our grantees every time she sees a presentation or reads something about their work. "The interest earned through IOLTA has decreased so drastically that our donations are even more crucial to our grantees now."
Thank you, Bev, for being such a strong advocate of our mission and supporting us through your years of service and donations!

Board Member Focus 

Jennifer enjoying the quiet
winter beach at Kiawah.
This edition's Board Member Focus spotlights a faithful board member since June 2016 and President-Elect for FY 20, Jennifer Blumenthal. Not only is Jennifer the managing parter for the Charleston Office of Burr Forman, she is also the  Vice Chair of the firm's Lending Practice Group. Among her many accolades and professional accomplishments which you can read on her biography page of her firm's site, she is also a philanthropist serving on many boards and committees both within the legal profession and the community. She first learned about the Foundation through her friend and Immediate Past President, Jim Sheedy,  who over the years taught her a lot about service to the profession. Jennifer noted, "I thank him immensely."

"Serving on the grants committee and getting to see firsthand the important work the Foundation is helping to fund and hearing testimonials from our grantees about how the Foundation has helped the communities they serve have been the most rewarding part of my involvement with the Foundation," stated Jennifer.  "I am humbled by the work of so many people dedicated to the greater good, those who help others in need, fight for them and tell their story. I strive to do better and be better. There, but for the grace of God, go I."

When asked of her hope for the future of the Foundation, Jennifer replied, " hope  it continues to grow its funding resources to be able to provide more support for the administration of justice, civil legal aid and law-related education and to secure such resources for the future. We can do that with help from members of the Bar."
She drew attention to the quote below from the Preamble to the Rules of Professional Conduct:  
"A lawyer should be mindful of deficiencies in the administration of justice and of the fact that the poor, and sometimes persons who are not poor, cannot afford adequate legal assistance. Therefore, all lawyers should devote professional time and resources and use civic influence to ensure equal access to our system of justice for all those who because of economic or social barriers cannot afford or secure adequate legal counsel."
A few light-hearted questions to get to know Jennifer better:
If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
What's your favorite guilty-pleasure snack?
A pint of ice cream and a bag of chips (unfortunately, I am guilty a lot) while watching episodes of Southern Charm on Bravo.
If you could create one new law that everyone HAD to obey, what would it be?
Mandatory vacation for everyone - unplugged from the phone and email. 
How do you recharge?
I work on my "art." Got a picture? I can Photoshop a cat on it. 

Jennifer, thank you for your service on our board and your role as this year's President-Elect. We're excited to see what this year holds!

Historical Society

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