South Carolina Bar Foundation | Foundation Focus E-Newsletter | March 25, 2019

The SCBF is so grateful for the continued support of our donors.  Your donation dollars are a great investment for many reasons.  For instance, did you know that only $0.12 of every dollar goes to support the Bar Foundation?  That means, $0.88 is going to help SC citizens in desperate need of legal help.  Did you know that the organizations we fund make a daily difference to improve the lives of people in SC?  The donations you provide are making a difference in your backyard.  By investing in the Bar Foundation, you are helping to ensure a better future for children, domestic violence victims, and veterans while improving your community. 
Every dollar makes a difference so ensure your legacy as a Foundation for Justice and invest in a brighter future for all South Carolinians, today!

Here are some ways to grow your investment in the Foundation...
  • Participate or sponsor our upcoming Be a "Fore"ce for Justice Topgolf Tournament 
  • Monthly gift donations
  • One-time gift donation
  • Shop and support through AmazonSmile
    When you shop at AmazonSmile, you'll find the exact same low prices, vast selection and convenient shopping experience as, with the added bonus that Amazon will donate .05% of the purchase price to the SC Bar Foundation, at no cost to you. To get started, type in "" then sign into your Amazon account. Search "South Carolina Bar Foundation" in the box and then start shopping! Want more information? Click  here!
  • Planned Giving donation
    Leave a justice legacy by including the SCBF in your will or estate plan.  For instance, did you know that if you are 70 ½ or older, you can make tax-free gifts directly from your IRA?  
For details on ways to donate, please reach out to the Foundation staff or visit our website.

Megan, Marisa & Melissa
Your SCBF Staff

Notes From Your SCBF Staff
Megan Seiner

I would like to introduce you to our newest staff member, Director of Marketing, Melissa Spivey.  We are excited to have her join the Foundation!  In addition, the Foundation is always looking to engage with the members of the Bar.  We held an event in Columbia this past fall and our next one will be in Greenville this summer.  We are aiming to have events throughout the state, so if you have suggestions or ideas for future events, please don't hesitate to let us know!  
Marisa  Cebulski

We're gearing up for two upcoming fundraising events here at the Foundation. On May 7th we'll be participating in Midlands Gives for the sixth year. We raised $1,826 in 2018, and hope to raise $2,500 for 2019. Wednesday, June 5th we will be hosting our Topgolf  Tournament, Be a "Fore"ce for Justice" in Greenville, which will offer event and bay sponsorship opportunities. Be sure to look out for more information and let us know if you're interested in sponsoring that event. 

Melissa Spivey

  Hey,  I'm  Melissa, and I'm honored to be joining the team as the Marketing Director. I began at the end of February, and since then have been familiarizing myself with the SC Bar Foundation brand and their marketing efforts thus far. I'm using that research to  formulate a marketing vision for the Foundation moving forward. I'm excited to join the team and would love to hear from you and get to know the members of SC Bar Foundation Family!

Foundation Focus
Be a "Fore"ce for Justice

With spring around the corner, we're looking forward to a visit to our upstate friends. A little "birdie" told us that Topgolf was opening at the end of April, and we "swung" into action! So, mark Wednesday, June 5, 2019 on your calendar "fore" what we're confident will be a super fun and cutting-edge golf tournament!  You can compete against your friends to see who the SC Bar Foundation Champion will be! 

If you or your firm are interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Melissa.

Donor Focus
CHERYL HOLLAND | founder of Abacus Planning Group     

Cheryl Holland, founder of Abacus Financial Planning Group in Columbia, SC, is our Donor Focus for this month.  In addition to her service as our investment advisor for the past seven years, she has been a consistent donor to the Foundation.  We asked her about her relationship with the Foundation and what inspired her to become a donor. Here's what she had to say:
"When Abacus became the investment advisor to the Foundation I was attracted by three elements that I think are necessary for success in an organization trying to make a difference in our community: 1. Sound leadership, 2. Vision and passion, and 3. Measurable impact. I see that up close and personal every month."
The Foundation is grateful for her financial expertise as well as financial support.  Chery said she is pleased to assist because she fundamentally believes in "access to legal resources for the 'least of these.'"  She went on to say, "The Bar Foundation through its Board embraces initiatives each year to improve its impact in our community.  Who doesn't want to partner with a winner? I have confidence that the Bar Foundation has the talent, knowledge, and processes to allocate my dollars wisely."
We're grateful for Cheryl's generosity in supporting our mission, as well as all our other donors. Thank you, Cheryl!

Make sure to learn more about abacus and follow along with their social media:

Abacus Links:
Website //  Facebook  //  LinkedIn


We'd be honored for you to partner with us in becoming a recurring donor to the South Carolina Bar Foundation. If you're lead to do so, please visit our  website or contact us for more information!
Together we can grant legal access and education to all!

Grantee Focus

Cover from Greenville Journal
February 15, 2019
Dedicated to the protection of South Carolina's environment, The  South Carolina Environmental Law Project,  (SCELP)   is a non-profit public interest law firm and one of our 2018-2019 grantees. Michael Corley , SCELP's Upstate Coordinator and Staff Attorney, attended our March Board Meeting and shared about his work to aid in the clean up of the Bramlette Road site, a former gas plant site which is very close to the Swamp Rabbit Trail and Reedy River in downtown Greenville.  

This effort caught the attention of the
Greenville Journal which published a detailed article about SCELP's involvement in cleaning up the residual coal tar pollutant from the old gas plant that has been closed for 60 years. According to SCELP, its upstate  office has  worked with stakeholders and regulators on a variety of issues including: a proposed granite  quarry within a floodplain and directly adjacent to a population of endangered mussels; proliferation of residential sprawl and accompanying environmental burdens in southern Greenville County; illicit discharges from a trailer park wastewater system into an impaired watershed; unchecked stream sedimentation caused by pipeline  construction,  and two groundwater/river contamination issues caused by industrial bad actors.
The Foundation applauds their efforts and is proud to include them on our list of grantees

To read the full article in the Greenville Journal, click here.
The South Carolina Supreme Court
Historical Society Focus
The South Carolina Supreme Court Historical Society has been busy with activity the past few months, and wanted to bring to your attention some of the most recent events:

Matthew Richardson, grandson of the late S.C. Supreme Court Justice Julius B. "Bubblier" Ness, delivering remarking at the S.C Supreme Court.
Honoring Chief Justice Bubba Ness
On October 24, 2018, the Society hosted an event to honor former Chief Justice Bubba Ness.  Ness served as an associate justice on the S.C. Supreme Court from December 1974 until June 1985, when he took the oath as chief justice.  He served as chief justice until he reached the mandatory retirement age in 1988 at which time, he returned to private law practice after retirement.  Ness died in Bamberg on Nov. 12, 1991 at age 75. To read about how his family honored his memory, click here to read an article from The  Times  and Democrat.

Oral History Program
The oral history program has been revived and organizations may sponsor the oral history of lawyers and judges for posterity. Oral histories can be found on the SCEF website under the Historical Society Member Portal. Contact President Mitch Brown for more details. Currently in the works are the oral histories of retired Bankruptcy Judge Wm. Thurmond Bishop and retired Nelson Mullins partner Ed Mullins.

Historic Oil Portraits
Steps are being taken to raise funds to preserve many of the historic oil portraits of the state's judicial past. So far $5,000.00 has been raised to perform this function. Please get in touch if you are interested in contributing to these preservations.

General Information about The Historical Society
The Society is a program of the South Carolina Bar Foundation and donations to it are deductible to the extent allowed by law. Newly sworn in members of the South Carolina Bar are given a complimentary membership for their first year as a member of the Bar. After that time, you may apply to join.  Click here to learn more.

Board Member Focus
We want to  congratulate  Jeanne Howard on her retirement. After 32 years of  government  service, she is excited to enter a new chapter of life. Jeanne has been a board member f or three years so far. Her service to the many organizations she devotes herself to have proven her dedication to making South Carolina a better place to live. 

Thanks for your service to the Foundation and the state of South Carolina, Jeanne! We hope you enjoy retirement!

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