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Wayne, McCreary County Health Groups Split $5,000 as Healthy Kentucky Policy Champions of the Year
The McCreary County Health Coalition and the Wayne County Health Council each received $2,500 from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky today upon being named "Healthy Kentucky Policy Champions of the Year" in Kentucky. The Foundation award recognizes the efforts of many civic and community leaders in the two counties to improve local health in the face of sometimes daunting challenges.

Statewide Flu Shot Day is September 26, Flu Prevention Campaign Emphasizes "get your shot, consult a doc, prevent the spread"
"Focus on Flu" is a statewide campaign launched in Frankfort today to prevent another epidemic-level flu season like the one last year that hit every region of the state, infected 10,500 Kentuckians and led to the deaths of 325 people, including five children.[i] The campaign urges Kentuckians to get their flu shots on Kentucky Flu Shot Day, which is September 26, or at least by the end of October, for maximum protection.

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Health message for NKY: 'Focus on Flu'

Bright Spots in Appalachian Kentucky

Wednesday is Kentucky Flu Shot Day

Experts Take a Deeper Dive into KY Opioid Epidemic

Get a flu shot Sept. 26 in Kentucky to protect you and your community

Upcoming Foundation Events
Webinar: Learning How to Measure Your Advocacy Efforts: An Introductory Webinar
October 4, 2018, 1PM-2PM ET

Advocacy evaluation capacity and practice are critical to success. If you are to understand your environment, implement interventions effectively, and make change, it is necessary to collect high quality data. Innovation Network will conduct a free one-hour webinar to provide an introduction to advocacy evaluation. Through this webinar, Innovation will offer an overview of advocacy evaluation, and provide relevant approaches and theories associated with measuring advocacy efforts. This event is presented in partnership with Interact for Health.

Learning objectives:
  • See how evaluation can add value to your work
  • Describe the stages of the evaluation lifecycle
  • Define and demystify advocacy evaluation
  • Learn about approaches and methods to advocacy evaluation
Working with the Media

October 24, 2018, 12:30P M-3PM CT
McCracken County Public Library 
555 Washington Street, Paducah, KY 42003

Join us for this FREE in-person workshop in Paducah, Kentucky. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky is offering an in-person workshop to help nonprofit organizations work effectively with the media to improve news coverage of their efforts. This FREE workshop has limited seating, so register early! We thank the McCracken County Public Library for hosting this event.

Workshop objectives: 

  • Establish a basic understanding of media messaging
  • Learn key strategies for a media interview
  • Understand the basics of an effective news release
  • Identify pre-interview preparation techniques
Workshop:  Learning How to Measure your Advocacy Efforts: An Interactive Workshop
October 25, 2018, 10:00A M-3PM ET
Northern Kentucky Health Department
8001 Veterans Memorial Drive, Florence, KY 41042

Are you working to make policy change in your city or state? How do you know if your efforts are working? How are you using data to tell your story? In partnership with Interact for Health and Foundation for Healthy Kentucky, Innovation Network ( will conduct a one-hour introductory webinar (Oct 4) and half-day workshop that will offer information and tools necessary for measuring and communicating the process and impact of your advocacy and policy change efforts. The workshop is highly interactive and will provide ample opportunity to apply skills addressed in the workshop directly to your own work.

Learning objectives:
  • Understand the unique elements of measuring advocacy and policy change efforts
  • Apply advocacy strategy frameworks to your work
  • Learn how to approach your strategy and evaluation with the right questions and measures that match your organization's needs and capacity
  • Explore appropriate data collection methods

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Informational Website: Keep Kids E-Cigarette Free

Learn what e-cigarettes are, the risks of e-cigarettes for kids, how e-cigarettes work and more.  

2025 Beverage Calories Initiative: Report on 2017 Progress toward the National Calorie Goal

The beverage industry has committed to the goal of a 20% reduction in calories per person by 2025.  Its yearly progress report for 2017 shows that the beverage industry is not on track to meet that goal. Sales of sugary drinks decreased, but by a mere 2.8 calories per person per day (a 1.4% decrease) from 2014 to 2017.  
Other findings:
  • The decline in soda calories since 2014 is offset (though not exceeded) by the increase in sports drinks, energy drinks, and ready-to-drink teas and coffees.  
  • The decline in sugary drink calories in retail have been mostly offset by increases in calories from fountain drinks and food service.
  • Low- and no-calorie carbonated soft drinks continue to decline, though the rate of decline may have slowed.
  • There has been some growth in purchases of smaller containers; but there also are increases in larger containers.
(see appendix for total volume, share of volume, share of calories, container sizes and other data)

Annie E. Casey Foundation ARC Reflections Training Program

Because foster parents play a critical role in supporting children in foster care, who often have experienced trauma, the Casey Foundation developed ARC Reflections, a nine-session program that child welfare agencies can use to train foster parents to better care for children who have had traumatic experiences.

US Department of Agriculture  PROGRAMS IN THE LOCAL FOOD SUPPLY CHAIN 2-pager

This USDA 2-pager includes all grants, loans and technical assistance opportunities relevant to local food and food systems work.  

Public Health Law Center Webinar Recording: 
What We Can Do To Rein In JUUL: A Policy Discussion

The second in their series of Tobacco Control Legal Consortium/Public Health Law Center webinars on the emergence of JUUL, the e-cigarette product that has become extremely popular among kids and adults alike. In this webinar, legal and policy experts discuss the recent steps that the FDA has taken to regulate JUUL and other e-cigarette products, as well as options for state and local governments to supplement and enhance federal regulation.

New FAQ on Tobacco Treatment Coverage for Health Professionals

State legislation enacted in 2017 effectively reduces barriers to tobacco cessation treatment. Under this law, Kentuckians who have fully-funded health benefit plans, Medicaid, or are receiving services through Managed Care Organizations are entitled to obtain comprehensive tobacco treatment.

The Kentucky Cancer Consortium Lung Cancer Network's new FAQ on Tobacco Treatment Coverage in Kentucky is targeted for health professionals. Please disseminate this new product to all health professionals in your region.

Partnerships for Health Equity and Opportunity: A Healthcare Playbook for Community Developers

This playbook from Public Health Institute's Build Healthy Places Network guides community developers toward partnerships with hospitals and healthcare systems. As stewards for the communities they serve, the community development sector develops and finances the physical spaces, infrastructure, and essential services needed to live a healthy and productive life and can serve as an action arm for advancing population health and health equity.

Tips for Teachers: Promoting Healthy Eating & Physical Activity in the Classroom

This document produced by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) includes 11 ways to promote healthy eating and physical activity in a school classroom.  

Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Scorecard

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has launched a new website called the Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Scorecard. The stated purpose of the website is to "increase public transparency about the programs' administration and outcomes. The Scorecard includes measures voluntarily reported by states, as well as federally reported measures in three areas:
  • State Health System Performance
  • State Administrative Accountability
  • Federal Administrative Accountability
The site includes data that allows comparisons on how state Medicaid programs are performing on various health measures, such as immunization rates, the rate of children receiving regular check-ups, the rate of beneficiaries diagnosed with substance-abuse problems receiving treatment, as well as about how long it takes CMS to review states' waiver requests, state plan amendments and the rates paid to Medicaid managed-care plans.

Helping Children and Youth Who Have Traumatic Experiences Report

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has released a new report: Helping Children and Youth Who Have Traumatic Experiences. The report addresses the issue of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and shows how children and youth who have experienced traumatic events are at risk of developing serious emotional disturbances or serious mental illness, along with other health problems.  The report also highlights how children who experience trauma and receive treatment through systems of care show significant improvements in their behavioral and emotional health. This framework enhances care coordination across multiple systems that work with children's services.

Has JUUL Labs reached out to schools in your community about a pilot youth prevention/education program?

If so, please let know! Tobacco companies have a long history of promoting school programs that are ineffective or actually encourage smoking. 

Upcoming Events
Webinar: Preventing Chronic Diseases: Eliminating Obstacles to Healthy Living
October 3, 2018, 1- 2:30PM ET

This NIHCM  webinar will explore strategies for preventing chronic diseases and consider the drivers of poor health. Speakers will discuss:
  • Evidence-based strategies that are transforming environments - from schools to worksites - to support healthy choices
  • How social workers are addressing social determinants of health and partnering with paramedics to reduce ED visits and readmissions
  • Partnerships between primary care and community-based organizations to improve housing conditions and target racial disparities in maternal and infant mortality
  • Opportunities for Medicare Advantage to cover non-medical services and curb the cost of chronic disease

Webinar: Walk Into Action: Walking and Walkability Policy Issues
October 10, 2018,  2PM ET

Join America Walks to learn about how you can use your voice and your vote to support walking and walkability by engaging communities and elected officials on a variety of intersecting issues. This webinar assumes some knowledge of issues related to walking and walkability.

Children's Environmental Health Summit
October 11, 2018,  8:30AM-4PM ET
Georgetown, KY 

The Kentucky Department for Public Health in collaboration with the Kentucky Population Health Institute, WEDCO District Health Department, and the University of Cincinnati Medical Center Department of Environmental Health is hosting the Third Annual Children's Environmental Health Summit on Thursday, October 11, 2018 (National Children's Environmental Health Day). 

The target audience includes: decision/policy makers, administrators, teachers, childcare personnel, pediatricians, nurses, academia, environmental educators and providers, community health workers, and state and local public health staff who help assure a safe school, home, play, preschool and community environment for children.

Topics that will be covered include adverse childhood events, JUUL and other POD systems, lead, child safety, preparedness, nutrition, prenatal exposure, asthma, rural health, healthy homes, built environment, green and healthy schools and childcare centers, community engagement, health equity, and more!

Kentucky Nonprofit Leadership Forum
October 17-18, 2018,  8AM-4:30PM ET
Lexington, KY 

The Kentucky Nonprofit Leadership Forum is your source for the latest nonprofit management best practices, guidance and networking. The only statewide gathering of nonprofit leaders provides you with an opportunity to gain the skills and information you need to effectively lead your organization and serve your community. The forum will include informative speakers, interactive sessions, networking opportunities and awards celebrating the nonprofit sector and its leaders.  

Kentucky Voices for Health Annual Meeting: Breaking Down Barriers to Health Equity for Kentuckians
October 19, 2018,  9AM-5PM ET
Lexington, KY 

This meeting brings together health advocates, healthcare providers, faith leaders, researchers, insurers, and policymakers from across the Commonwealth to discuss the ripple effects of barriers to care, which extend far beyond our health to impact our economy and our democracy. Speakers will discuss the disparate ways barriers to care impact the lives of Kentuckians and present opportunities for creating a healthcare system that promotes health equity, economic prosperity, and civic engagement for all.

12th Annual Addiction & Compulsive Behaviors Symposium
October 20, 2018,  8AM-12:30PM CT
Paducah, KY 

Baptist Health Paducah and Four Rivers Behavioral Health present the 12th Annual Addiction & Compulsive Behaviors Symposium at the Baptist Health Paducah Barnes Auditorium.  Objectives for this conference include: 
  • understanding teens
  • basic principles and advanced concepts in pain management
  • disparities in the addiction crisis
  • marijuana- Fact vs. Fiction 
Collaborative for Children of Addicted Parents Presents: Family-Centered Approach for Children of Addicted Parents
November 14, 2018, 8AM-5PM ET

The Collaborative for Children of Addicted Parents(CCAP), GLAD House, and Cincinnati Children's will be holding their  third annual conference at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center in Covington, Kentucky. Nationally known, Dr. Ira Chasnoff will be one of the keynote speakers. 

You are invited to submit a session proposal for the conference. Proposals should explore family-centered practices utilized to provide services to children impacted by addiction.  Call for abstracts.

Funding Opportunities
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Special Solicitation on Beverage Consumption in Early Childhood

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Healthy Eating Research program has released a Special Solicitation on Beverage Consumption in Early Childhood. The call for proposals focuses exclusively on research that informs the development of policy and environmental strategies that:
1. decrease consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) and/or
2. increase access to and consumption of safe water
among 0- to 5-year-olds in the United States, with a priority on lower-income and racial and ethnic minority populations that are at-risk of poor nutrition and obesity.
There are two phases for the application: 1) A Concept Paper and 2) Full Proposal (for invited applicants only)

Grant Amount: Up to $300,000 for each grant award for up to 24 months

Concept Paper Deadline: October 3, 2018

Read more.
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Systems for Action: Systems and Services Research for a Culture of Health Funding

Systems for Action (S4A) is a signature research program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) that builds a Culture of Health by rigorously testing new ways of connecting the nation's fragmented medical, social, and public health systems. Studies conducted through the S4A program test innovative mechanisms for aligning the delivery and financing systems for medical, social, and public health services, with a focus on estimating their impact on health and health equity. S4A uses a wide research lens that includes and extends beyond medical care and public health to incorporate social service systems-such as housing; transportation; education; employment; food and nutrition assistance; child and family support; criminal and juvenile justice; and economic and community development. 

Award Amount: Up to 6 awards of $250,000 over a 24 months period 

Application Deadline: October 10, 2018

Read more.
Whole Kids Foundation Gardens Grant Programs

The Whole Kids Foundation in partnership with FoodCorps has opened applications for their Gardens Grant Program to support a new or existing edible garden at a:
*K-12 school
*501(c)(3) Non-profit working in partnership with a K-12 school
*501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Grant Amount: $2,000
Application Deadline: October 15, 2018

Read more.
2019 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) Culture of Health Prize

The RWJF Culture of Health Prize recognizes communities that have come together around a commitment to health, opportunity, and equity through collaboration and inclusion, especially with historically marginalized populations and those facing the greatest barriers to good health. The Prize honors those communities that are working to give everyone the opportunity to live well, including residents that are often left behind.
Prize includes: $25,000 cash prize, customized communications material and training, national and local promotion

Application Deadline: November 1, 2018

Read more.
Fuel Up to Play 60

Funding for physical activity and nutrition programs are available to schools that want to jump start healthy changes.
Funding amount: up to $4,000 per year to qualified K-12 Schools

Application Deadline Fall: November 7, 2018

Read more.
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