Our Founder Spotlight for the 2022 Menlo Charity Horse Show shines on an undeniable pillar of our community – Betsy Glikbarg. Over 50 years ago, in 1970, Betsy was among several founders of the Menlo Charity Horse Show and has remained deeply engrained in the event and community ever since. This year Menlo will celebrate not only our golden anniversary, but 50 years with Betsy as its guiding and steadfast light.

In 1970, several Circus Club members decided to put on a small, one-day horse show to raise money for a much-needed new roof on the barn. The show was a success, and the new roof was installed. Then the following year another show was needed to fix the riding ring, which was too slippery. And so it was, that each year another improvement to the stables made another show a “must.” What started as a “one-day” show to put a roof on the barn, has evolved into a six-day event attracting many of the most accomplished riders in the United States. The show has been awarded an “AA” rating for competition - the pinnacle for a USEF recognized equestrian event.