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New Location Update and Special Offers
Jackson, WY update: We began construction Thanksgiving week, 2020. So far we have demoed cabinets and walls, refinished the floor, added walls on all three levels, textured and painted the new walls, added window coverings, transported, unpacked and displayed art. We have much to do, especially on the top floor, but we are getting there, with thanks and appreciation for your purchases and support. The art must go on.
Mezzanine level
From the stairs
From the top floor
Upstairs (in progress)
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To the Best That's Within You, in 2021
The Evening Tree poem print
To the best that's within you,
To your lift and your try,
To your will to see down,
To your laugh while you cry,

To your hope through the sorrow,
To your float over pain,
To your push through the dark,
To your dance in the rain,

To your rise from the ash,
To your straightening the bend,
To your fire to the lie,
To your go till the end,

To your cutting the knot,
To your swearing anew,
To your mind of your own,
To your you being you.

~ Quent Cordair

Signed fine art prints of the poem
available for only $95!
More Offerings by Quent Cordair
Receive an autographed and personalized copy of Quent's book Lunch Break with print purchase
a painting by
by Quent Cordair
A young woman enjoys a moment of respite on a high ledge above the city, her body pressed against the rise of the stone beneath her, at one with this place carved from the earth, a place made for her, by her -- her home.

Two sizes
signed and numbered
giclée prints on canvas
Starting at only $595

The Book
Short Stories & Poems
by Quent Cordair
"A Joy to read" - Dr. Robin Craig

"Awesome Stories" - Cynthia W.

"Compelling stories and heroic characters!" - Daniel LePage

Perfect for small bites of time when you need a little delicious read.

Receive an autographed and presonalized copy of Quent's book My Kingdom with Molly's Swing print purchase.
a painting by
by Quent Cordair
An invitation to soar. But would you? Could you? Should you... ?

Two sizes
signed and numbered
giclée prints on canvas
Starting at only $595

Layaway and Club Cordair plans available

The Book

"A smorgasbord of delights" - Bruce Van Horn

"Captivating" - Allison Kunze

More Paintings by Quent Cordair
Two sizes
signed and numbered
giclée prints on canvas
Starting at only $595

Original painting &
signed and numbered
giclée prints on canvas
Starting at only $595

23" x 40"
signed and numbered
giclée prints on canvas

Another Inspiring Poem Print
No sea was ever sailed
By fear of drowning in the deep.
No bridge was ever built
By huddled souls in castle’s keep.
No cloud slipped ‘neath the wing
Of one who dared not leave the ground.
No daunting height was scaled
Without a test of holds unsound.

No barn was ever raised
By hands that wouldn’t plant in spring.
No city skyline drawn
By those whose vision wouldn’t sing.
No rocket ship was launched
Without a dream to touch the stars.
No man stood on the Moon
Who didn’t long to land on Mars.

Read more. . . (5 more stanzas)

Purchase a signed print for yourself or one for a friend for only $125.

is Live

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Please note: the current auction ends January 20, 2020

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Almost Sold Out ~ 2021 Art Calendar Discount
4" x 9" stand-up desk version
8.5" x 11" wall calendar
2021 is here!

An entire year of art.

Twelve work-friendly images that will delight and inspire.

We only have a limited amount of calendars remaining.

Use code "2021" at checkout and receive $5 off each calendar while supplies last.

Desk Calendars $20

Wall Calendars $25
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