Impact and Momentum
May 2019
Founder's Corner
First Prom
by Greg Lhamon

When the girls arrived, they headed straight for the ladies’ room. Hair had to be fixed. Makeup applied. Dresses pinned. This was a special day for them, and they were excited.
A few weeks earlier, one of the girls of The Covering House – I’ll call her L for privacy reasons – had said that she’d never been to a prom. She’s 17 and the only men who showed her attention were the men who paid money to exploit her. She’d never experienced the innocent joy and anticipation of going to a dance with a boy.

What D.A.D.s Do...
A significant goal in providing restoration for our girls is promoting and building trust and healthy relationships. Healthy and safe relationships are crucial to helping the girls regain their dignity and succeed along the road to Freedom.

Father's Day is right around the corner. In our last newsletter, Executive Director and Founder, Dedee Lhamon recounted the story of "A Father's Love." In this issue, The Covering House Co-Founder and father of two, Greg Lhamon writes about stepping in as one of our "Prom Dads" at the first ever TCH Prom. These are experiences that remind us of the significant value that healthy men have in the fight to end Human Sex Trafficking and Exploitation of children.

In June, The Covering House is looking forward to unveiling it's newest campaign. The D.A.D.s Campaign is a new TCH initiative to encourage men to stand with women and law enforcement as equal partners to end the commercial sex trafficking and exploitation of children. Look for us to officially launch the D.A.D.s Campaign beginning on Father's Day weekend. Follow us on social media for details and information on how you can help. Will you join us?

You don't have to be a father to be a D.A.D.
CLICK HERE to learn more about what D.A.D.s do.
Jefferson Foundation Awards The Covering House $75,000
The Covering House is pleased to announce that it has received a $75,000 grant from the Jefferson Foundation. 

These funds will support the Vision Impact Project for the organization. The Covering House is aims to increase its community impact through building a new campus facility to provide restoration and refuge to young victims of Human Sex Trafficking and exploitation. The Covering House was gifted a 17-acre property in December 2017, and requires substantial updates and upgrades to be in compliance with State of Missouri regulations to serve children. Included in the renovation are plans to install new sprinkler and septic systems, industrial kitchen, remodeled bathrooms, classroom space, and bedrooms.

“We need to expand our services. We need to open our doors at this new facility to have the ability to triple our housing capacity,” says Deidre Lhamon, Founder and Executive Director of The Covering House.

The Jefferson Foundation awards bi-annual grants through a competitive application and review process. The mission of the Jefferson Foundation is to provide support for charitable and educational activities that promote individual and community health and well-being in Jefferson County. Since its formation, the Foundation has distributed more than $7 million in grants annually to qualified public charities and government units.

Above & Beyond... Mr. Conrad
We are pleased to announce our Above and Beyond Award recipient for last month, Mr. Conrad Heath!

Click below to see what Mr. Conrad's team members have to say about him!