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This Pup Alert News features our founding female, Habeebtea Al Ice (Alice), who died last week at age 15. Alice was imported to the United States from Qatar. Alice is a Saluki -- the type of dog whose images you see inside pyramids.

It is believed that the Saluki is the oldest dog breed in the world, predating other sight hounds by some 5,000 years. During these 5,000 years -- and sometimes even today -- lineages were (we might say, "mercilessly") culled, so only the very best specimens were kept and bred. And indeed, the Saluki is marvelous. So different and so awesome that people stopped me on the street to ask, "What kind of dog is that?" Often without thinking, I'd reply, "Oh, she's not a dog; she's a Saluki."

The Saluki is a dog that has no doggie odor, often they chatter interactively --very, very smart, perfect hips -- the best in dogdom, beautiful and graceful, can find a lost vehicle in a big parking lot...big, almond-shaped eyes. They'll sleep under the covers with you in chilly weather; actually, they are total bed hogs. playful with humans, other dogs, and other animals -- even wild animals. And the fastest middle distance mammal in the world. I've attached a photo of a fawn-colored blur in front of a doe. That blur is Alice. And heaven forbid that a Saluki get bored.

Alice was my best friend. If you have a XANADU multibreed / multigenerational dog, your dog may have come through Alice's children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc. toward our goal of The World's Best Family Dog. The section of our website, "What Sets Us Apart" describes the contributions of the Saluki to the XANADU Dog.

Alice had a litter of ten puppies. The sire was AKC International Champion red moyen Poodle, Glitz -- who had 100% (perfect) PennHip scores like Alice. To my knowledge, this was the World's first and only Salukidoodle litter. Four pups were kept as Guardians. A new owner of one of Alice's pups exclaimed, "NO DOG has a right to be this smart!" Attached are photos of baby Alice in Qatar and the litter she had in Colorado long ago and other photos of my BFF.

I've taken some time to honor her life, her posterity, her friendship, and her passing. In Alice's youth -- in every pup's youth -- everything's a toy or a game. And "for everything there is a time and a purpose under heaven." It has been a time to mourn, and now, a time to heal and to be grateful. And a time to celebrate new life and new pups. In my (thoughtless and uncensored) deep grief, I asked a friend, "Is it worth it -- getting a new pup, giving your heart away, being so sad when your friend dies?"

His response, "Hell yes!" No question about it.

Thank you for considering a XANADU new BFF. We've got your new pup -- and confirmed Christmas litter pregnancies.

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