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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Get over your fear, called timidity. Instead, live the successful affirmative life you are made to live!
Fear has gotten a bad name. It is seen as a disrupter of the good and right trajectory of our lives. Fear often has us living a timid and unfulfilled life. The Book of Ecclesiastes says, “God created mankind upright, but they have gone in search of many schemes” (7:29). Fear is a built-in device that is misused. Fear’s function is to protect us as an early warning system. Misusing it turns it into a prison of timidity. Think of a home security system that keeps giving off false alarms.  
Biologist Bruce Lipton explains the effect of uncontrolled fear. He said,
“Each of our cells is a living entity, and the main thing that influences them is our blood. If I open my eyes in the morning and my beautiful partner is in front of me, my perception causes a release of oxytocin, dopamine, growth hormones – all of which encourage the growth and health of my cells. But, if I see, instead,  a saber tooth tiger, I’m going to  release stress hormones, which change the cells to a protection mode. People need to realize that their thoughts are more primary than their genes, because the environment, which is influenced by our thoughts, controls the genes.”
We no longer live in an environment of immanent physical threats, as our ancient ancestors did. However, our protection or security mode remains intact. Our cells treat imagined threats just as real as objective threats. It does not matter whether your thoughts are based in reality or not. Fear because of a job interview, giving a speech, asking for a date, or doing anything out of our comfort zone, will trigger timidity. The good news is that we can learn to control our thinking and consequently, our fear. Our thinking will cause our cells to interpret our feelings positively, creating excitement instead of fear. Therefore, instead of saying, “I am fearful,” say, “I am excited.”
God is forever presenting us with better options. However, if we keep seeing new situations as threats instead of opportunities to be more successful in the world, our timidity will transform our lives into a series of regretful experiences.
Change this tendency by living affirmatively. Have a positive affirmation ready for these sneak attacks of fear. Fear is neither person, place nor thing. Fear is from your thoughts or beliefs. Affirm, “I can control my thoughts. I am calm and poised.” After neutralizing your thoughts, replace them with an affirmation such as, “Good and good alone goes from me and good and good alone returns to me.”
By doing this, you will discover you have crossed the threshold of timidity into the field of your affirmative and successful life. Start now! You can do it! You can go from timidity to affirmative living by this spiritual practice.

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Sunday, October 17th

Dr. Arthur's topic:

Letting Failure
Strengthen You for Success   

We do not have to sentence ourselves to a prison of depression because of failure. Failure is part of the teaching process for our greater success. When seen as a learning tool, we can transform its impact into a positive force for good.

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Wednesday Night Zoom Services with Dr. Arthur
October 13th

 Wednesday Night Service on ZOOM!! 
To receive an invitation, email "Wednesday Zoom" to

Dr. Arthur's Topic: Powered by Belief

Can there be any doubt that the people who feel greater power are operating from a greater belief system? Let us explore how we can power our lives greatly by our belief.

Order of Service
Minister: Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Assistant Minister: Rev. Larry Barber
Duration 1 hour, from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Zoom Check in between 6:20 PM - 6:30 PM
Welcome: Dr. Arthur Chang
Connecting Time 10 minutes
Invocation: Rev. Larry Barber
Reading: Rev. Larry Barber
Meditation (10 minutes)
Lesson: (20 min)
Q and A 
Prayer requests
10 - 15min for last 3 items

Ponte al día
Domingos a las 10:00 am servicio, 17 Octubre,
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Ernest's Corner

We should never lose sight of the fact that the soul is on the pathway of an endless and ever-expanding experience, and that only by expansion can it evolve. This does not mean that we should cast away any good the old has to offer, but that we convert it into a greater good. Accepting the lessons and experiences of the past, and taking the best from everything, we should press boldly for­ward, looking ever for the Truth, and ever ascending higher and higher into the heavens of reality.
There is no limit to the possibility inherent in all men. Let the timid soul put its complete trust in good and press bravely on.

The Science of Mind, Page 439: 2-3

Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 
Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  
Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 
"Five Dynamic Laws of Prosperity"
The weekly broadcasts are: 
Monday: "The Law of Many Mansions"
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Wednesday: "The Law of the Creative Word"
Thursday: "The Mosaic Law of Courage"
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Ask for help

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to navigate the tricky anxiety, depression, isolation and trauma by yourself. For those who have underlying mental health conditions, for those who have experienced past traumas, for people on the frontlines in medicine, and for people who are lonely, this moment can be especially tough. But there are a number of free, confidential resources to turn to for help. Here are a few:
—Steinberg Institute website, links to mental health resources and care throughout California,
—Institute on Aging’s 24/7 Friendship Line (especially for people who have disabilities or are over 60), 1-800-971-0016 or call 415-750-4138 to volunteer.
—Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 24/7 Access Line 1-800-854-7771, links to COVID-19 information.
—Mental Health Association of San Francisco 24/7 Peer-Run Warm Line, 855-845-7415.
—Fresno County Behavioral Health Warm Line, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 559-600-WARM (9276).
—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
—The Crisis Text Line, Text “HOME” (741-741) to reach a trained crisis counselor.
—California Psychological Association Find a Psychologist Locator,
—Psychology Today guide to therapists,
Some psychologists will work with people for free or reduced rates, if needed, given the challenging times.
Founder's Practitioners are also available for prayer to address your needs. Call the church office for an appointment.
213-388-9733 Ext. 118