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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
The Science of Mind teaches the five steps of a spiritual mind treatment or effective prayer, symbolized by the five steps that lead from Founder’s main auditorium to the top of the stage.
The five steps presented here for a life empowered by belief are not replacements for the classic five steps of treatment. They are supplements for helping you pray more effectively by focusing your right state of consciousness.
1.     Make a clear intention.
Clarity means an absence of conflicts. Be certain your goal is guided by your values. There are times when we desire something that is contrary to our values. Before we go into prayer for this desire, we should examine ourselves to see it fits in with our highest value. Clarity in mind will come with effectiveness of consciousness.
2.     Write down your intention and read it several times every day.
There are endless daily distractions for letting us lose focus on what is important. A composer does not forget he is a composer, nor does a good businessperson forget his mission. Successful people’s lives are empowered by belief and driven toward positive demonstration. They have an inner acceptance of their realized intention.
3.     Make up a short affirmation you can use like a mantra for your intention.
A short affirmation repeated several times per day is a good way to achieve acceptance—a habit of mind. Repetition is important, not to God but to our minds. This will turn your mere thought into belief. A belief is far more powerful than a thought. Belief is a thought embodied and creatively activated. Solomon’s summary for this is, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.”
4.     Act intelligently on your intention every day.
Act with intelligence. This means making adjustments as you act on your belief. Belief is thought that inspires positive action. You and God are a tag team. God takes care of the inspiration by placing options before you. Do not worry about being perfect. Learn and make adjustments.
5.     Demonstrations comes through life’s process.
The Law of Mind in always in action. Once you have the belief about your desire, engage the process. Co-creating with Divine Mind is not magic—it is the miracle of process also known as change. To be grateful for this creative process is to enjoy the journey, not just the destination.
That is what talented people do. They love to engage the process of their work and it strengthens their belief and increases their power to do. Get fired up by belief. It is your powerful creative engine which, when activated, makes life more fun.

Email your requests to 

Sunday, October 24th

Dr. Arthur's topic:

Taking Action for Your Happiness   

Life is a positive activity of purposive doing. When we know this, we can be the source for action for the greater inspirations that are waiting to be expressed through us.

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213-388-9733 Ext. 101
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On Sunday, October 24, the English and Spanish ministries are invited to a brief meeting in the upstairs sanctuary immediately following the Sunday service. The purpose is to inform everyone about new things happening for us all at Founder's and to invite your suggestions for being of more service to our congregations and the community.

Wednesday Night Zoom Services with Dr. Arthur
October 20th

 Wednesday Night Service on ZOOM!! 
To receive an invitation, email "Wednesday Zoom" to

Dr. Arthur's Topic: Give As You Wish to Get

The business of living fully may sometime appear to be connected to how much we can accumulate. Research has shown that after we have sufficient to take care of our basic needs, our sense of happiness and fulfillment is far more related to what we give. Is it really more blessed to give than to receive? Let us explore where we fit into that principle of better living.

Order of Service
Minister: Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Assistant Minister: Rev. Larry Barber
Duration 1 hour, from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Zoom Check in between 6:20 PM - 6:30 PM
Welcome: Dr. Arthur Chang
Connecting Time 10 minutes
Invocation: Rev. Larry Barber
Reading: Rev. Larry Barber
Meditation (10 minutes)
Lesson: (20 min)
Q and A 
Prayer requests
10 - 15min for last 3 items

Ponte al día

Nota: Wilshire estará cerrado en Vermont en ambas direcciones de 5 a.m. a 12 p.m. el domingo 24 de octubre
Domingos a las 10:00 am servicio, 24 Octubre,
Practitantes de Español en la capilla de Founder's

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 presentaciones de los practicantes:

El domingo 24 de octubre, los ministerios de inglés y español están invitados a una breve reunión en el santuario de arriba inmediatamente después del servicio dominical. El propósito es informar a todos sobre las cosas nuevas que nos suceden a todos en Founder's e invitar a sus sugerencias para ser de más servicio a nuestras congregaciones y la comunidad. Habrá traducción disponible. Esperamos veros a todos allí.

Linea de oración de Founder's: Llame a la iglesia al 213-388-9733 x. 117 para solicitar una llamada por oración personal o para recibier información sobre servicios y clases.

Lo invitamos a realizar estudios complementarios con zoom de estudio de libros en la filosofía de La Ciencia de la Mente, ya sea los miércoles por la noche a las 7:00 pm o los viernes por la noche a las 5:00 pm. Para recibir más información y recibir una invitación, escriba a Ivania a

Los invitamos a todos a unirse con nosotros y así crecer espiritualmente y aprender como "cambiar sus pensamientos para cambiar su vida".
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Founder’s Prayer Line is ready for your calls
Please call 213-388-9733, English ext. 106, en Español 117. Leave your name and phone #, and a practitioner will contact you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, please use the recorded blessing to help center yourself and know that God is always with you.
Ernest's Corner

The mind must conceive before the Creative Energy can produce; we must supply the avenue through which It can work. It is ready and willing. It is Its nature to spring into being through our thought and action.

The Science of Mind, Page 047-4

Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 
Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  
Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 
"Rebuild Your Life Now"
The weekly broadcasts are: 
Monday: "Prayer and Purpose"
Tuesday: "Plan"
Wednesday: "Perseverance"
Thursday: "Passion"
Friday: "Action"
The shows are posted daily and available 24 hours per day. 
Ask for help

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to navigate the tricky anxiety, depression, isolation and trauma by yourself. For those who have underlying mental health conditions, for those who have experienced past traumas, for people on the frontlines in medicine, and for people who are lonely, this moment can be especially tough. But there are a number of free, confidential resources to turn to for help. Here are a few:
—Steinberg Institute website, links to mental health resources and care throughout California,
—Institute on Aging’s 24/7 Friendship Line (especially for people who have disabilities or are over 60), 1-800-971-0016 or call 415-750-4138 to volunteer.
—Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 24/7 Access Line 1-800-854-7771, links to COVID-19 information.
—Mental Health Association of San Francisco 24/7 Peer-Run Warm Line, 855-845-7415.
—Fresno County Behavioral Health Warm Line, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 559-600-WARM (9276).
—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
—The Crisis Text Line, Text “HOME” (741-741) to reach a trained crisis counselor.
—California Psychological Association Find a Psychologist Locator,
—Psychology Today guide to therapists,
Some psychologists will work with people for free or reduced rates, if needed, given the challenging times.
Founder's Practitioners are also available for prayer to address your needs. Call the church office for an appointment.
213-388-9733 Ext. 118