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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
1.      Be Strong in Spirit
2.      Be Courageous in Action
3.      Be A Gentle Heart
4.      Discover Your Hidden Talents
5.      Be a Source of Healing
In James E. Miller’s book, The Art of Being a Healing Presence, he discusses the condition of healing. He states, “Healing presence is the condition of being consciously and compassionately in the present moment with another or with others, believing in and affirming their potential for wholeness, wherever they are in life.”
The world we live in is in a constant need for healing. Instead of being judgmental, we have the option to look at the problems of living and view them as opportunities for prayer, work, and compassion. When we bring this kind of consciousness to the events of our lives, we become healers rather than an uncaring critic.
Medical doctors and psychologists are not the only facilitators of healing. We all are. When I was taking psychology in collage, it made me realize a good therapist had much of the qualities of the good friend. Nevertheless, even when we are not a close friend to another person, at the soul level, all are profoundly connected and sensitive to thoughts and feelings emitted by each other. We can send, in fact, healing energies to each other if we choose to do so.
While driving, walking, or simply thinking at your unengaged moments during the day, consider blessing those in need. Someone may be having a painful time coping with the Coronavirus. You may bless the frontline workers, the homeless people, the doctors and nurses. There is no end to people to whom you may radiate healing energies. Think about the children missing all that comes with being in school because of sheltering at home due to the virus.
Experts say that in a forest trees communicate with their intertwining roots. I believe we have those kinds of roots, which are psychic. We feel this force most powerfully when we love. We can also feel this powerfully when something devastatingly horrific occurs. In the course of a day, many things may go right as well as many things may go wrong. If we are positive about our spirituality, we must be a force for good—a force for emitting the healing blessing to our community and our world.
The soul needs us all to add our wisdom to healing. If you want the world to be better, work at becoming a better person. To be that better person, we must be ready, after seeing some of the worse in people, to realize Spirit is calling you to say a silent prayer of love and hope for them. This is a job for your higher self and your prayer is needed.

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Sunday Topic 10-18-2020

   The Law of Correspondents

“As above, so below.” Whatever the case that sets the law in motion, the result will be a corresponding relationship.

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Sunday Sermon Topics for October

Theme: Process Science of Mind
Date           Subjects
10-25-20    The Law of Belief

Wednesday Night Service on ZOOM!! 
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September Theme: Using the Science of Mind
Dr. Arthur's topic for October 14th:

Empowered by Belief     

Belief is thought embodied. However, it manifests in many ways including passion, enthusiasm and love. This new spiritual compound gives rise to an empowered creativity that demonstrates your desire.

Order of Service
Minister: Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Assistant Minister: Rev. Larry Barber
Duration 1 hour, from 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM
Zoom Check in between 6:20 PM - 6:30 PM
Welcome: Dr. Arthur Chang
Connecting Time 10 minutes
Invocation: Rev. Larry Barber
Reading: Rev. Larry Barber
Meditation (10 minutes)
Lesson: (20 min)
Q and A 
Prayer requests
10 - 15min for last 3 items 

 Future Wednesday Topics for October
Theme: Process Science of Mind
Date           Subjects
10-21-20    Give Your Best; Expect the Best
10-28-20    Evolve into Your True Self      

Ponte al dia
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 presentaciones de los practicantes:
Domingos a las 10:00 am servicio, 18 Octubre,
Eugenio Torres, RScP
Lunes a viernes 7:00 pm 5 minutos de inspiración por uno de nuestros practicantes
"¿Qué es la ciencia de la mente?" Clase por zoom gratis presentada por Ivania Gonzales, RScP, 6:00 pm los sábados
Los invitamos a todos a unirse con nosotros y así crecer espiritualmente y aprender como "cambiar sus pensamientos para cambiar su vida".
Founder’s Fall Classes
By Zoom Invitation
 Visioning by Zoom offered by Dan Wentzel, RScP

a.      Free of charge, donations to Founder’s encouraged
b.     6:00 pm, Oct. 4, Nov. 1, Dec. 6
c.     Open to all who are interested

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Ask for help

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to navigate the tricky anxiety, depression, isolation and trauma by yourself. For those who have underlying mental health conditions, for those who have experienced past traumas, for people on the frontlines in medicine, and for people who are lonely, this moment can be especially tough. But there are a number of free, confidential resources to turn to for help. Here are a few:
—Steinberg Institute website, links to mental health resources and care throughout California,
—Institute on Aging’s 24/7 Friendship Line (especially for people who have disabilities or are over 60), 1-800-971-0016 or call 415-750-4138 to volunteer.
—Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 24/7 Access Line 1-800-854-7771, links to COVID-19 information.
—Mental Health Association of San Francisco 24/7 Peer-Run Warm Line, 855-845-7415.
—Fresno County Behavioral Health Warm Line, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 559-600-WARM (9276).
—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
—The Crisis Text Line, Text “HOME” (741-741) to reach a trained crisis counselor.
—California Psychological Association Find a Psychologist Locator,
—Psychology Today guide to therapists,
Some psychologists will work with people for free or reduced rates, if needed, given the challenging times.
Founder's Practitioners are also available for prayer to address your needs. Call the church office for an appointment.
213-388-9733 Ext. 118
A wonderful and magical evening with
the Heidi Duckler Dancers under the sky in Founder's Rose Garden!

Christine Morris of The National Trust for Sacred Places spoke briefly of the importance of Founder's in Los Angeles. Our Senior Minister, Dr. Arthur Chang gave a brief talk about dance as a sacred activity and spiritual experience. And then we saw the wonderful film of the performance of the Heidi Duckler Dancers inside of Founder's. Even those of us who knew our building well were astonished to see the creativity and use of our space that revealed it in ways we had never thought of before! A totally wonderful evening!!

Heidi Duckler Dance will be at Founders Church!

Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) presents

Monday, October 5th: two showings 7:00pm and 7:45pm

Get tickets:7 pm | 7:45 pm

Los Angeles-based dance company Heidi Duckler Dance (HDD) presents THE QUEST, ten evenings of safely-distanced celebrations, animated by original performances, distinguished honorees, and spectacular views of Los Angeles from October 1st-10th. All events are COVID-19 safe and either drive-up or walk-up 6 feet apart. A Covid Compliance Officer will be present at every performance. Masks are required. 
One of the important destinations of THE QUEST is Founder's Church in Koreatown. On October 5th, HDD will be premiering a new dance film, Lost and Found. Directed by Heidi Duckler with cinematographer Nicolas Savignano and scored by Isaac Takeuchi and Sarah Belle Reid. This special screening will open with a live violin concert by Israel Heller!
THE QUEST series engages audiences in an interactive search for truth in our environment, our memory, and the challenging present moment. Involving 35 talented individuals made up of dancers, musicians, composers, singers, voiceover artists, set designers, costume designers, lighting designers, and cinematographers, THE QUEST represents Heidi Duckler Dance’s enduring dedication to inclusiveness and justice in dance, arts education, and our community.
THE QUEST takes you on a journey through Los Angeles, to the undiscovered gems of the city that are very near and dear to our hearts. These locations are not typical LA landmarks, nor do they tell the traditional story of our city. Instead, they are humble spaces for working, learning, healing, playing, dancing, and discovering.
As a dance company we use movement to explore intersectional topics affecting our city, especially its vulnerable populations. In this ten day experience, you’ll get a glimpse into the themes our year-round programming dives into. By bearing witness, you help us continue our work with students, veterans, incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals, foster youth, and people experiencing homelessness. 
Ernest's Corner

            Thoughts are things, they have the power to objectify themselves; thought lays hold of Causation and forms real Substance. The word of man is the law of his life, under the One Great Law of all Life. Thoughts of sickness can make a man sick, and thoughts of health and perfection can heal him. Thought is the conscious activity of the one thinking, and works as he directs, through Law; and this Law may be con­sciously set in motion. This Law will work for him to the full­est extent of his belief in, and understanding of, It. A realiza­tion of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.

The Science of Mind, P. 145-3

Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 
Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  
Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 
"The Wisdom of Wellness"
The weekly broadcasts are: 
Monday: "Know Yourself"
Tuesday: "You Have Dominion"
Wednesday: "Your True Nature is the Nature of God"
Thursday: "Eliminate Objectionable Habits"
Friday: "You Are Never a Failure Till You Admit It"
The shows are posted daily and available 24 hours. 
Dr. Arthur Chang was be one of the speakers for the Interfaith Solidarity March Los Angeles!!
This virtual event took place on Sunday 9-13.
The entire event can be viewed on the IRTPJ Facebook page:
Dr. Arthur's talk can be viewed on our website linked on this page.