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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang


History has shown we have a fundamental desire for self-mastery. Self-mastery is the freedom and creativity to shape who and what we are by becoming wisely self-responsible. In a life governed by the principle of process, all will spontaneously change whether we desire it or not. What is good about this unavoidable law of change is we can direct it to bring about what we wish to be and do.


Guided by our vision and belief, we can thrive and flourish by pressing into service, our innate potential to work with the creative medium that gives life.


The path to self-mastery is not mysterious. The Hansels and Gretels of consciousness, the great mystics and the wisdom keepers, have left us clues to self-mastery. The following are a few examples.


The Priestly Writer of Genesis 1 said, You are made in God’s image and likeness, and You are to have dominion over your life. He recognized we have an amazingly creative mind. We can change our life experience from a seemingly impossible situation to a most desirable one. This writer saw clearly that our power to work with the law of change was god-like, especially if it included an exceptional intelligence. Undoubtedly, we should and can have dominion over our lives. Understandably, the key is that we have a relationship with the Source—God. That God has given us this powerful potential means God delights in seeing us overcoming our challenges as we evolve.


The Oracle of Delphi said, Man, Know Thyself. This knowing invites a deeper reflection into our identity, which is spiritual. It is essential because great power implies great potential for good or for evil. At the superficial level of awareness, our egos rule reflexively, defensively and selfishly. Growth toward our true self comes by plumbing the depths of our souls and will reveal who we are and our place in the world.


Lao Tzu said, The Tao that can be named is not the Eternal Tao. Similarly, Jesus said, Not all who say “Lord, Lord,” shall be saved. Knowing God or knowing the source is far more than naming it. It is relating to it in its likeness. Like attracts like.


Jesus said, You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free, and

The kingdom of God is within you. These sayings are equivalent to the notion of made in God’s image; however, they are more individually empowering or more personally expressed in Jesus’s statement.


Finally, Ernest Holmes says, Change your thinking. Change your life. Holmes wants us realize that choosing a desirable goal and changing from an undesirable trajectory of our lives, begins with the thought regarding what we believe is possible to us.


Nevertheless, we can become immensely successful in a material sense without ever experiencing self-mastery, which is a deep spiritual and psychological equanimity that keeps our consciousness on an even keel. It is like the Buddha’s Middle Path. The key is not to get too low when misfortunes strike, nor too high from our successes. This does not mean losing our joy of how intensely wonderful life is.


Although we are motivated to achieve our goals, in the end, it is not what we get but who we become that matters. How do we exert self-mastery to achieve this end? We achieve self-mastery by using our values to guide our goals. Goals are definite objectives to be achieved over time. Values are eternal principles such as love, goodness, harmony, and unity that we can use to see if we are working in a way consistent with our spiritual character.


Self-mastery is not a onetime goal to be achieved. It is a process that we must work toward daily. We are not failures when we are not perfect at maintaining our values. We can only be failures by giving up. God is forever putting options before us.


You can be a master of your destiny by being self-responsible while working toward spiritual maturity. This means giving up blaming for learning and by changing in positive ways. It means working to improve while becoming a blessing to all. Self-mastery was part of your potential from the beginning. You do not need to seek it. Just be it. 


Happy Birthday, Dr. Arthur!!

We celebrated his March 16th birthday after service on March 12th!!

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Sunday, March 19th

Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang

A Consciousness for Effective Change

Whether we choose to or not we will change. Life is a process of becoming for all. However, you are endowed with the potential for clear thinking and you can choose your right purpose. The universe is fully supporting you.

 Dr. Arthur's Sermons for March

Annual Theme: Expressing the Better Me in 2023


Theme: Consciousness for Effective Change

Date          Subjects

03-05-23  You Are a Gift of Possibilities

03-12-23  Having Mastery over Your Life

03-19-23  A Consciousness for Effective Change

03-26-23  A Scientific Approach to Spirituality



Theme: Teachings of the Science of Mind

Date          Subjects

03-01-23  The Real Father and Son

03-08-23  The Cause of Human Troubles

03-15-23  How To Approach The Spirit

03-22-23  The Purpose of the Science of Mind

03-29-23  The Law of Circulation


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Teachings of the Science of Mind   

Dr. Arthur's topic:

How To Approach The Spirit

If we wish to come to the Spirit for the healing of our wounds, let us come in peace and with spontaneous joy, for the Spirit is joy; let us come with thanksgiving also, for a thankful heart is in harmony with life.

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Ernest's Corner

Each one of us today is the result of the use he has made of the Law, either consciously or unconsciously. As soon as we realize this we shall see that what we are now (or what we now have and experience) is the result of what we have thought; and the answer to what we shall be is contained in what we are now thinking, FOR WE CAN CHANGE OUR THINKING!

The Science of Mind, Page 126-1

Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 

Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  

Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 

"What is Spiritual Power?"

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What to Do About Common Aches and Pains

Medically Reviewed by Tyler Wheeler, MD on November 17, 2022


Sprains and Strains

People who play sports or are physically active are familiar with sprains (a stretched or torn ligament) and strains (a stretched or torn muscle or tendon). Both cause swelling and inflammation. Sprains can give you bruises. Strains may trigger muscle spasms. Use the RICE method for early treatment -- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. Take an over-the-counter (OTC) pain reliever. See a doctor if you have numbness or tingling, you can't move a joint, or it doesn't get better within a week.

Tension Headache

This common type of headache feels like a band is squeezing your head. OTC painkillers, rest, and drinking water will often do the trick. Your headache should go away within hours, but it could last a couple of days. Plenty of rest, proper massage, less stress, and lots of fluids (without caffeine) may help you avoid one.


Throbbing pain in the front or side of your head can put a hold on your daily activities. You might feel sick to your stomach, be sensitive to light, or have other symptoms. Find somewhere dark and quiet to rest. An ice pack may numb pain; a heating pad can relax tense muscles. An OTC pain reliever may help if you catch a migraine early. Some people need a prescription to treat or prevent them.


Tooth decay, cracked teeth, broken fillings, and gum disease are likely causes. You might not be a fan of the dentist, but if your toothache lasts more than a couple of days, you should go. If you don't take care of it, an inflamed area could become infected, leading to bigger problems. Tooth pain can also signal a sinus infection, a problem with the joint where your jaw meets your skull (TMJ), or grinding your teeth at night.

Neck Pain

Your neck is less protected than the rest of your spine, so it's vulnerable to sprains and strains. Those pains are usually temporary, and often, you won't need a doctor. Regular wear and tear, such as the disks breaking down, can also hurt. Good posture helps prevent pain. 

Back Pain

As you age, it becomes more common. Back pain can be dull or sharp and last months at a time. Being overweight and lifting something the wrong way can cause it. Diseases including arthritis and cancer can affect your back and spine, and your genes can play a role, too. Treatments for most types of back pain include OTC medications, hot and cold packs, exercise, yoga, and massage.


This shooting pain can make either sitting or standing uncomfortable. You might feel weak, numb, and a burning or tingling in your leg, but it's not a cramp. It's a pinched nerve in your lower back. Sneezing and coughing can sharpen the pain. Sciatica usually goes away in a few weeks with rest and gentle exercise, but you should see your doctor. Most people who get it are between 30 and 50.