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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang
Joseph Campbell said,
Life is joyful just as it is.
I don’t believe there was anybody who intended it, but this is the way it is. James Joyce has a memorable line: ‘History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake.’ And the way to wake from it is not to be afraid, and to recognize that all of this, as it is, is a manifestation of the horrendous power that is of all creation.
The ends of things are always painful. But pain is part of there being a world at all … I will participate in the game. It is a wonderful, wonderful opera – except that it hurts. (The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers, book, p. 65-66)
How can we participate in this world as it is?
Live intentionally each day
Living intentionally each day brings focus into our lives. The world is filled with options, which, to the disorganized mind, means distractions. If, for example, our main focus it to have possessions beyond what we need to move our deeper soul-intention forward, then, disorganization will take over our lives and, as our Buddhists friends would say, “Living become empty.”
Our soul-intention is the feeling we have inside about what we are to be doing with our lives. James Joyce’s feeling that “History is a nightmare from which I am trying to awake,” gives us the artist’s rendition of how we can be living in a world of confusion and become disoriented by our senses. Our soul-intention is connected with God’s original aim, which is to express goodness through us by means of Divine Order.
We have the great gift of freedom accompanied by the awesome weight of responsibility. To be overwhelmed in the morning by the sheer waves of life’s responsibilities can easily drown out our soul-intention. This is losing our feeling of support of the Divine Power available to us.
Focus on What not How
It is better to focus on what you wish to do with your life rather than on how to do it. How is often out of your immediate control. What is always available to you. To focus on what is to invite, in consciousness, the whole world to bring ideas and opportunities to your doorstep and it will.
We may not know how to get enough rain, but what we can do is to use water more efficiently. We may not know how to get more electrical power but we can learn to use what power we have more effectively. We may not know how to keep consumers’ prices from rising but we may choose what items we can do without or find alternatives more to our liking.
Create Your Own Opportunities
There is a tendency to hope for better opportunities when there seem to be few. However, we can use the creative factor in us more effectively to create our own opportunities. Most successful people do this. “Lack” is an opportunity for becoming more creative—not a forecast for our impending death.
Spending time praying and contemplating while using the principle of “What if?” will stir the fire of your immensely creative capacity into action. This is using your inner resources to create your own opportunities. This is living in the realization that God is always putting before us, options. As you create novelty, you will find the means to advance your universe.
Creative participation in our world is the way to succeed at living daily and throughout our lives.

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Sunday, September 25th
Dr. Arthur's topic is

Optimism: Your Way to
Personal Empowerment

Personal empowerment is the means of taking charge of your life even under difficult circumstances. Psychology and religion have found when people are optimistic they are best able to shape their destinies. Find out how much more optimistic you can be.

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Together in September
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September 24th

from 3pm to 5:30pm
For a day of intercultural connection, storytelling, art, music and expression!
Fun for all ages!
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Wednesday Night Zoom Services

Dr. Arthur's
September 21st topic:

Self-Acceptance Precedes
Positive Change

Explore how self-acceptance is the first step for changing your life for the better. Explore how to rid yourself of denial, complacency or resignation. You have the power of going from where you are to where you wish to be. Using it better is the key.

 Wednesday Night Service on ZOOM!! 
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Ernest's Corner

Within us, then, there is a creative field, which we call the subjective mind; around us there is a creative field which we call Subjective. One is universal and the other is individual, but in reality they are one. THERE IS ONE MENTAL LAW IN THE UNIVERSE, AND WHERE WE USE IT, IT BECOMES OUR LAW BECAUSE WE HAVE INDIVIDUALIZED IT. It is impossible to plumb the depths of the individual mind, because the individual mind is really not individual but is individualized. Behind the indi­vidual is the Universal, which has no limits. In this concept alone lies the possibility of eternal and endless expansion. Everyone is Universal on the subjective side of life, and individual only at the point of conscious perception. The riddle is solved, and we all use the creative power of the Universal Mind every time we use our own mind.

The Science of Mind, Page 30-2
Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 
Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  
Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 
"Five Dynamic Laws of Prosperity"
The weekly broadcasts are: 
Monday: "The Law of Many Mansions"
Tuesday: "The Law of Visioning"
Wednesday: "The Law of the Creative Word"
Thursday: "The Mosaic Law of Courage"
Friday: "The Law of Spiritual Multiplication"
The shows are posted daily and available
24 hours per day. 
Health Tips: How to Get Better Sleep
Mayo Clinic

Knowing that sleep is key to sustaining our short- and long-term health can help us prioritize a healthy sleep schedule. Sleep is as vital to health and healing as any drug, vitamin or herbal supplement, and probably even more so. Sleep is when the body rejuvenates, repairs and replenishes itself. Without enough sleep, our bodies age quicker and we develop noncommunicable chronic diseases earlier in life. Like any medicine, sleep must be taken regularly.
To make the most of your nightly "dose" of sleep, consider this sleep checklist:
  • Cut back on caffeine if needed
  • Get enough daytime exercise
  • Avoid heavy meals before bed
  • Reduce screen time an hour before bed
  • Relax with a bedtime routine (for example, gratitude meditation, practicing optimism, journaling or reading)
  • Cool bedroom temperature
  • Keep room dark, comfortable
  • Take slow, deep breaths

Although getting more sleep may seem like the least urgent change you need to make in your life, the truth is that quality sleep creates a halo that touches all other areas of your life. When you’re rested, you make better choices about what to eat and how much to eat, you have more energy for physical activity and exercise, you're more patient and attentive to those around you, you're less prone to getting sick, and you’re mentally better equipped to handle stressors, large and small. So don't put off sleep any longer — seize the night!