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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang


In a Process Science of Mind or Process New Thought, it is useful to realize that the seemingly firm ground of the present moment is, as quantum science tells us, so infinitesimally small it can be registered but not measured. It is like a droplet of reality that comes into being and instantly perishes. Each droplet (or present moment) is similar to separate frames of a movie filmstrip that when run sequentially, which is process, forms a moving picture. All is process except for principle, which is unchanging.


The totality of our past is responsible for the present moment and what the future actualizes will depend on what you do with the present moment. The past, present and future are relational as is everything in our universe. Process thinkers do not speak of God as omniscient as does Classical Theism because the future is open. They speak of God as most knowing, where Omni is the Greek for “all” and signifies “all-knowing.” The future has not occurred and therefore cannot be known.


When the priestly writer of Genesis 1 said that humans are made in God’s image, he was speaking of the freedom to create as God creates. Freedom means the future is open and not predetermined. If God knew the future, then we would not be free. Freedom means we are largely creating our future.


An open future requires that we take 100% responsibility for our lives. Although we are interdependent or relational beings, we have the role of choosing our future. Process thinkers say life is forever in the process of becoming. Everything changes. Ernest Holmes says in his book, “The Science of Mind”,


The meaning of freedom implies the possibility of suffer­ing, because if we are free we are free only by virtue of the possibility of choosing more than one course of action as an experience.


By saying our choices can lead to suffering as well as success, Holmes is agreeing that the future is open. God is then persuasive as Process Thinkers argue.


Having the freedom to choose is the reason we must take action on our behalf if we are to enjoy the Good life. Freedom comes with responsibility. By saying, we are to have dominion over our lives; the Book of Genesis 1 implies both the gifts of choice and the power to create our future. We are meant to create our future by what we think and do today. That is the freedom we have. God puts before you options, because God is persuasive, not coersive. Choosing is our prerogative.


How do we find the empowerment to accomplish our goals? We must work as Lao Tzu says, with the way things are. This means to work with the principles of Creation or the Law of Mind in Action. When William James said, “Believe that life is worth living and the belief will help to create the fact,” he was encouraging the use of the Law of Faith or Belief. Everything you have achieved to this moment in your life is the result of your belief in the past. The Buddha taught, “All that you are is the result of all you have believed.”


The present moment has three functions. The first function is to appreciate and be grateful for the present. This results in happiness. Rabbi Abraham Herschel expressed this as, “Just to be is a blessing. Just to live is holy.” The second function is to reconcile yourself with your past. Forgive the hurts and learn principles from them so they can support your ongoing journey. The third function is to be aware of your vision, purpose, or goal and to apply your thought and action accordingly. This will determine your future.


Blaming others for your difficulties is easy. Even God may fall into this category of blame—“God, why did you make this happen?” This response may spring from being too miracle-focused and too little self-responsibility-focused. New Thought teaches, “Whatever God can do for you God must do through you.” Fredrick Douglas may also be instructional in saying, “I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” Furthermore, we may think of God as a heavenly butler, there at our disposal, or one who is to be blamed when our desire does not manifest.


Paul rightly says, “All things work together for good for them that love God…” (Romans 8:28) When we apply our creative intention with faith, it does seem that the options or help we need is activated. It is then that the future happens, not by chance but by choice or by personal design.


You can take responsibility for your future.


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Sunday, January 29th

Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang

Happiness is Your Being

an Everyday Blessing 

What does being happy every day means to you? Is it within your reach to be happy? In our last lesson we have covered some of the principles. Let us examine some more ways to be happy every day.


Dr. Arthur's Sermons for January

Annual Theme: Expressing the Better Me in 2023


Theme: Be Ready for Success

Date          Subjects

01-01-23 Make Your Second Chance Count

01-08-23  Becoming Your Best Thought

01-15-23  Well-being is Your Gift

01-22-23  Principles for A Good Life

01-29-23  Happiness is Your Being an Everyday Blessing 



Theme:    The Aliveness of a Science of Mind

Date          Subjects

01-04-23  Holmes on Vision for Practice

01-11-23  Holmes’ Science of Mind & Science

01-18-23  Holmes’ Prayer for Application

01-25-23  Holmes’ Success Law and Process


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Life is too short! 
Grudges are a waste of happiness, 
Laugh when you can, 
Apologize when you should, 
Love deeply and forgive quickly. 
Life is too short to be unhappy!!! 

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The Aliveness of a Science of Mind

Dr. Arthur's topic:

Holmes’ Success, Law and Process

Process theology is based upon the quantum science and it does challenge some of our earlier thinking about reality. This lesson introduces some of these concerns for your further reflection.

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Ernest's Corner

Man is made out of and from Life. As effect must partake of the nature of its cause, so man must partake of the Divine Nature from which he springs. We did not create our nature; we cannot change its inherent reality; we are what we are and we use this nature for better or for worse. Being what we are there are certain responsibilities that go with our natures—certain obligations; if our thought is creative and if we have selectivity—that is, volition and choice—and if we are un­folding to a discovery of our true nature, which must already be perfect, then the obligation and responsibility of this nature could impose freedom or bondage upon us temporarily, but our bondage cannot be real from the standpoint of the Absolute.

The Science of Mind, Page 107-2

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How a Vacation Affects Your Body

Medically Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian, MD on August 27, 2021


Stress Relief

Your body is designed to unleash stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine when it senses danger. But the pressures of everyday life can set off the same reaction. Over time this can make you more likely to get depressed, gain weight, sleep poorly, and have other health problems. Getting away from time to time can give your body a chance to repair some of the damage.

Feel Happier

Chances are that your mood will be better during vacation than in your day-to-day life. That feeling can last even in the several weeks of planning before you leave. But it's less clear if the post-trip buzz lasts as long. The key to happiness seems to depend on how often, not for how long, you get away.

Boost Your Heart

How's this for an invitation to chill out? Taking time off may cut your chances of dying from coronary heart disease. The evidence can show up in lab tests, from lowered blood sugar levels to more HDL "good" cholesterol. One study found that the benefits may kick in only if you "staycation" often at home, not if you have to get out of town.

Better Sleep

The daily grind can zap your ZZZs. Overwork may soak up the hours you need to spend in bed. Or family commitments or stress may keep you from falling asleep or staying asleep. That can leave you tired, groggy, grumpy, and even sick. Getaways are great for naps and snoozes. And if you plan your trip in advance, you'll sleep better both before and after your vacation.    

Sharper Focus

Endless work with too few breaks can fog your brain. You might find it hard to concentrate and to remember things. Time away can recharge you mentally and physically, so you return more focused and energized. The payoff? You may become more productive both on the job and at home. 

Get Sick Less

Working too hard can send your adrenal system into overdrive. That releases hormones that may weaken your immunity. In turn, you may be more likely to get a cold or flu, and even more serious conditions like irritable bowel syndrome. Vacations let you take your foot off the gas pedal for a bit and allow your immune system to bounce back.

Bolster Relationships

Couples who travel together say they're happier and more satisfied in their relationships than those who don't. These strong romantic and other social bonds can help to stay physically and mentally fit, especially as you get older.

Live Longer

It makes sense that taking a vacation eases stress, which in turn means less wear on your body, better health, and more years added to your life. Scientists can't explain exactly how that happens. Research continues.