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By Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang

Independence Day, called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, is the annual celebration of nationhood. It is a ritual of commemoration of the Declaration of Independence by the Continental Congress on July 4, 1776. Independence Day is to be celebrated on Monday, July 4, 2022 in the United States.

American Independence was a revolt from Great Britain and King George the 3rd that was voted on and approved by the Congress. The original draft was by Thomas Jefferson in consultation with other committee members, John Adams Benjamin Franklin, Roger Sherman, and William Livingston.

Undoubtedly, Independence Day should mean a lot to all Americans. However, it is not likely to hold the same meaning for all Americans. Many Americans are struggling with how to feel free while they are not fully accepted as equals in our country. Women and minorities are likely to experience Independence Day not as an event but as a process, where full equality is a dream to be realized in an obscure future and not now.

In the meantime, to whatever degree it may be, we should all contribute to the consciousness of our country’s independence from Great Britain as best we can while accepting our engagement in the process of a more perfect Independence Day. Life is forever in a state of becoming some of our greater hopes will be inherited by our children and great grandchildren. Let Independence Day be a day of great optimism for us all.  

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Sunday, July 3rd
Rev. Dr. Arthur Chang

Creating A Better Present,
Past and Future

To be a complete and well-adjusted individual, the mind must feel at home in all three compartments of consciousness, past, present and future. Only then will we live as if we are at home in our world.

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Wednesday Night Zoom Services

June 29th, 2022
Dr. Arthur's Topic

Jesus’ Growth Principles
Jesus’ growth principles are simple and familiar. However, reflecting and deepening in our understanding as our lives change will make us more proficient in using them for the good we desire.

 Wednesday Night Service on ZOOM!! 
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Ponte al día

Los servicios en Founder's el domingo, 3 de Julio,
a las 10:00 en la capilla. Ven y disfruta de la conexión espiritual que todos compartimos. Bendiciones, Ministerio Español de Founder's.

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 presentaciones de los practicantes:

Linea de oración de Founder's: Para obtener información sobre servicios de Founder's o para dejar un mensaye que quiere oración de un practicante, llame directamente al 213-388-9733 x 117. Puede dejar su nombre y número de teléfono y un practicante le devolverá la llamada.

Lo invitamos a realizar estudios complementarios con zoom de estudio de libros en la filosofía de La Ciencia de la Mente, ya sea los miércoles por la noche a las 7:00 pm o los viernes por la noche a las 5:00 pm. Para recibir más información y recibir una invitación, escriba a Ivania a

Los invitamos a todos a unirse con nosotros y así crecer espiritualmente y aprender como "cambiar sus pensamientos para cambiar su vida".
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Founder’s Prayer Lines are ready for your calls
Please call
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Leave your name and phone #, and a practitioner will contact you within 24 hours. Meanwhile, please use the recorded blessing to help center yourself and know that God is always with you.
Para obtener información sobre servicios de Founder's o para dejar un mensaye que quiere oración de un practicante, llame directamente al 213-260-7895 . Puede dejar su nombre y número de teléfono y un practicante le devolverá la llamada.
Ernest's Corner
We think of the ether of Mind as a Universal Subjectivity, the Soul of the Universe. Just as the ether of space is a medium for physical action, so this Universal Subjectivity is the medium for mental action. Anything that has ever been thought at any time in the history of man, exists today in a subjective state in Universal Mind. When we get into the field of Mind, there is no past, present or future. They merge into one medium.

The Science of Mind, Page 95-1

Featuring Dr. Arthur Chang 
Next week, on "This Thing Called Life"  
Dr. Arthur will be speaking on the theme: 
"Take Charge of Your Life"
The weekly broadcasts are: 
Monday: "The Call"
Tuesday: "Faith"
Wednesday: "Optimism and Enthusiasm"
Thursday: "Gratitude"
Friday: "Daily Life as Spiritual Practice"
The shows are posted daily and available
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Ask for help

Sometimes it’s just not feasible to navigate the tricky anxiety, depression, isolation and trauma by yourself. For those who have underlying mental health conditions, for those who have experienced past traumas, for people on the frontlines in medicine, and for people who are lonely, this moment can be especially tough. But there are a number of free, confidential resources to turn to for help. Here are a few:
—Steinberg Institute website, links to mental health resources and care throughout California,
—Institute on Aging’s 24/7 Friendship Line (especially for people who have disabilities or are over 60), 1-800-971-0016 or call 415-750-4138 to volunteer.
—Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health, 24/7 Access Line 1-800-854-7771, links to COVID-19 information.
—Mental Health Association of San Francisco 24/7 Peer-Run Warm Line, 855-845-7415.
—Fresno County Behavioral Health Warm Line, Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., 559-600-WARM (9276).
—National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255 (TALK)
—The Crisis Text Line, Text “HOME” (741-741) to reach a trained crisis counselor.
—California Psychological Association Find a Psychologist Locator,
—Psychology Today guide to therapists,
Some psychologists will work with people for free or reduced rates, if needed, given the challenging times.
Founder's Practitioners are also available for prayer to address your needs. Call the church office for an appointment.
213-388-9733 Ext. 118