Fountain Pen Tales
September 2018 Vol. 02
Everyone Has a Story to Tell
“I write to give myself strength. I write to be the characters that I am not. I write to explore all the things I’m afraid of.” –Josh Whedon, Author
We all love a good story and everyone has a story to tell. That’s why Fountain Pen Tales is inviting you to share your story in October. Your tale can be a Real Truth, (non-fiction) or a Good Lie, (fiction) and you can tell it anyway you want—through poetry, essay, memoir, short story—whatever fits your fancy. It can center on something that’s funny or sad, loving or hate-filled, a challenge or triumph. We want you to share past experiences that are recorded in your heart, never in history books.
Stories are everywhere; they evolve from holiday happenings, special occasions, school/college days, family events. Take Halloween, for instance, next month’s theme. How creative were you in hooking up your Treat or Treat get-up? I don’t remember ever having a store-bought costume, but I remember the big dresses stuffed with rags for boobs and fireplace ashes used as a disguise. What was Halloween like for you? Ready to write? Check out the Submission Guidelines below and get started!
Free Download 
The excellent response to the free download of Free to Be has prompted me to extend the offer until September 14. The Coupon Code is ZV786 and you’ll need to register on Smashwords, (no charge), in order to download your copy. By registering, you’ll receive immediate access to thousands of A-rated FREE or DISCOUNTED books. Happy Reading!

Who's Gracie?
In answering this question it depends on the day, the season, my mood. Basically, I’m a former elementary school teacher/school media specialist, who upon retirement, decided to work at writing. I know now I should have chosen a different avocation since it took me twenty years to self-publish my first novel, Free to Be . I’m plugging away at a second novel, but with my track record I really do need to pick up the pace! 
Tale of the Month
The Plastic Wallet

Some of you may recognize the names of two characters in this month’s story—Leona and Willie. But they’re not Crecie’s kids. They are her descendants. These 20 th century siblings were created in 1996 as a Creative Writing class assignment and they never left my imagination. When I began writing Free to Be I named the new characters Leona and Willie also, making them the ancestors of the children in this month’s short story, The Plastic Wallet. I hope you enjoy them as much as you did Crecie’s kids.

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