Fountain Pen Tales
October 2018 Vol.3
Quotable Quote: Where there is no imagination there is no horror.
                                                                   Arthur Conan Doyle
Can Blue Ward off the Goblins?
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October's Tale of the Month
Wait Until Emmet Comes

When I was growing up, the radio was the main source of entertainment. Two weekly dramas, “The Shadow” and “The Inner Sanctum” were very popular and used a lot of creepy sound effects and spooky music. Orson Wells narrated “The Shadow”, beginning the show in a deep, sonorous voice: “Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!” Then his sinister laugh would fill my mind with unimaginable horrors. The other show, “The Inner Sanctum”, opened and closed with an eerie, creaking door. The Host always ended the suspenseful, ghoulish stories with a menacing phrase: “Pleasant dreeeeeams…hmmmmm?”

Those shows were scary, but nothing compared to the tales my Uncle George spun sitting in front of the fireplace—the only light source in the dimly lit room. As shadows danced around his grim face, he’d swear that werewolves and ghosts really lived. All of which terrified me so much I deliberately forgot all of his stories. This month’s tale, “Wait Until Emmitt Comes”, reminds me of his yarns. Enjoy, and of course, “Pleasant dreeeeeams”…
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