Fountain Pen Tales
April 2019 | Vol.9
Everyone referred to the celebration of a risen Christ as Easter when I was a child. Even though most theologians now refer to it as Resurrection Day, the essay I’m sharing with you, Transition, still calls that day Easter Sunday. Hope you enjoy reading it.
Tale of the Month
This month’s tale is part of a lengthy short story, presented in serial form. Stay tuned for Part two in May. The main character, Leona, is now in high school, pursuing her own goals. I hope you enjoy it.
About The Author
I’m Gracie Chandler, a former elementary school teacher/school media specialist, who upon retirement, returned to work—writing. I created Fountain Pen with two goals in mind:

  • To share memories of a bygone era through stories, essays, poems, book reviews and interviews.
  • To uncover the imprecise reporting of some historical events and learn the truth about them.

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It’s not about a bunny—it’s about a Lamb.  
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