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Superintendent's Update
Volume VI : Issue II
September 20, 2019
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Upcoming Events
10.10: FVSD Board Meeting @ 6:30PM
10.17: Great CA Shake Out
10.18: Mid Trimester
10.28:  FVSF Marc Ecker Golf Classic @ Mile Square
10.28-11.1: Parent Conferences
11.7:  FVSD Board Meeting @ 6:30PM
11.8:  Staff Development (Non-Student Day)
11.11: Veterans' Day Observed
11.25-29: Thanksgiving Recess
12.6: End of First Trimester
FVSF Marc Ecker Golf Tournament
Marc Ecker Golf Classic 2019
Join us on Monday, October 28th in support of our FV Schools Foundation for the Marc Ecker Golf Classic at Mile Square Park .  This annual fundraising event supports the many educational programs our Foundation has dedicated their efforts to for the benefit of all of our students.  Click here to learn more, register and support as a sponsor. 
2019-20 School Year Calendar
2019-20 Tentative School Year Calendar
The 2019-20 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 14th meeting and is available on our site.  Click here to see the dates for this year. 
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Happy Friday!

It's hard to believe, but we have just completed our second full week of school!  In this short period of time, we have hosted all of our parents and families at Back to School Nights, made further progress in construction, received $32,000 in grants from the HB Assistance League, and hosted math trainings for many of our elementary and middle school teachers!

In addition, we are beginning a new section in our Newsletter on FVSD history, a fun fact or two, that demonstrates this District's, as well as this community's, long standing tradition of excellence!!  We hope you enjoy! 

As always, thank you for everything you do to support teaching and learning in our District.  
Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

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HIGHLIGHT: Back to School Nights Welcome our Families Home!
BTSN 2019 in FVSD!
BTSN 2019 in FVSD!

On September 12th and 19th, our elementary and middle school campuses opened their classrooms to welcome our families HOME for Back to School Night!  Our teachers and staff are to be commended for setting the tone for another excellent year in FVSD, because that is #TheFVSDWay!
UPDATE: Construction through Measure O Continues to Improve FVSD Campuses
Construction Update September 2019

Our Phase I Measure O projects have been completed, with the science rooms at Masuda opening soon!  Students and staff at Masuda Middle School and Courreges Elementary started the school year on campuses that are fully air conditioned!  At Courreges, through Measure O, new heating and air conditioning was installed, along with new roofs, electrical switch gear, additional staff restrooms, flooring, paint and ceilings.  In addition, the blacktop was refurbished and the campus looks beautiful!  Similarly, at Masuda, through Measure O, new heating and air conditioning was installed, along with new roofs, flooring and paint and a new music room.  Guests at Back to School Night had an opportunity to tour one of the nearly completed science rooms and everyone was excited!  

In addition, Phase II Measure O projects began at the close of the last school year at Cox, Fulton and Tamura.  We continue to see great progress at both sites!  At each of these three schools, phase I of their projects is nearing completion and soon phase II will begin on each campus.

We continue to express our gratitude to our community for their generous support of Measure O!  Thank you for helping us to improve the learning environments for our staff and students across all of our campuses!
HIGHLIGHT: Assistance League Supports FVSD with Generous Grants for our Teachers
Assistance League Grant Distribution 2019

On Monday, September 16th, we were honored to receive almost $32,000 in teacher grants from the HB Assistance League.  At the awards event, 70 teachers from FVSD were presented with a Links to Learning grant for their classrooms.  Over the last several years, this group has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to our teachers!  We are extremely grateful to the HB Assistance League for their hard work and generosity in our community, and we are thankful to all of our teachers who took the time to write the grants.  Too cool for words!!
SPOTLIGHT: Professional Development in Math 
Math PD Fall 2019

Elementary Math Training - CGI
Over the past four years, FVSD elementary teachers have done extensive work around implementing Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) in mathematics.  Through close facilitation of our teachers, students are being asked to express their mathematical thinking in ways that promote multiple approaches to solving equations, using hands-on manipulatives, and deconstructing wrong answers. Beginning in the spring of 2019, over thirty-five teachers in grades 3rd - 6th volunteered to expand their learning of CGI by participating in summer trainings, common lesson planning, and opening up their classrooms in lab type settings. This group is being guided by our very own FVSD teacher leaders, and Joan Case, a nationally respected trainer in CGI.  We are so proud of our teachers for agreeing to learn and grow together, especially as it relates to connecting our elementary and middle school math programs.

Middle School Math - Collaboration at its Best!
In August, twenty of our middle school math teachers volunteered to continue the amazing work around common units of study that began four years ago.  These exceptional teachers are lead by our Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA), Kim Nguyen, who also teaches math at Masuda Middle School.  The work our math team has done in selecting the best instructional practices to support mathematical learning has propelled our students to achieve at some of the highest rates in Orange County!  We are so thankful for their commitment to working together to ensure FVSD students are best prepared for high school and beyond.
This Is #TheFVSDWay:  Fun Facts from FVSD
TheFVSDWay Totem Pole
As we celebrate the rich history of our District as a part of #TheFVSDWay, we are honored to share some of the interesting facts and events from our nearly 150 years.

Since the early 1960s, the Fountain Valley School District has been known as the Lighthouse District.  And on June 9, 1970, students from Mrs. Deanna Smith's sixth grade class at Arevelos School explained the meaning behind the chosen symbol in their dedication of a totem pole.  As students from the class explained in their presentation, a totem pole is a family tree, usually about a family or tribe.  The student's totem pole ended with a lighthouse, chosen as the emblem for a district that leads the way, guiding students toward innovation and inspiring others to do the same.  We are extremely proud to continue this symbolic tradition as a beacon within our community!
TAG IT:  Join Us in Celebrating The FVSD Way!
The FVSD Way
As noted above, our theme for 2019-20 is The FVSD Way!  We have taken the time to study our history, analyze the present and continue planning for the futre.   We hope that you will join us in documenting how you celebrate "The FVSD Way" by capturing the amazing moments in our schools and tagging your photos on social media #TheFVSDWay  #FVSDDriven #WeHeartFVSD.
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