Superintendent's Update
Volume V : Issue X
June 19, 2019
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The 2019-20 School Year Calendar was approved by the Board of Trustees at its March 14th meeting and is available on our site.  Click here to see the dates for next year. 
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Good Afternoon!!

As we come upon the last day of school, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to everyone in the FVSD Family for their ongoing support of our students, staff and schools.  And, with only one day left, we are excited to close out the year by sharing some of our recent celebrations!

In this issue, we...
  • Celebrate Students and Parents from Newland and Plavan Schools
  • Honor our Teachers at the Certificated Retirement and Years of Service Celebration
  • Highlight our Classified Stars at the Classified Employee Recognition Night
  • Recount the Success of our Youth in Governance Day with the City of Fountain Valley
  • Recognize our Outstanding Educators at Fountain Valley Rotary's Teacher Celebration
As always, thank you for all you do to support teaching and learning.  
Mark Johnson, Ed.D.

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HIGHLIGHT: Board Celebrates Students and Parents from Newland and Plavan Schools, Honors Outstanding Service Award Recipient for 2018-19
Newland Plavan Board Recognition

At their May meeting, the Board of Trustees had the opportunity to celebrate some outstanding students and dedicated volunteers in an extraordinary evening!  The meeting began with  Cub Scout Pack 455 leading the Pledge of Allegiance.  Following this, the Board honored Outstanding Service Award recipient for 2018-19 Susan Castellonos.  In addition , the Board honored and thanked parent volunteers from Newland School, Keenan and Brian House .  And from Plavan School, the Board celebrated and thanked parent volunteers, Lou-An Garcia and Vanessa Batten.  

In addition, the Board celebrated the accomplishments and outstanding efforts of some very special students. From Newland School, the Board honored Riley Swanson (TK), Tye Tipton (K), Cameron Hadley (1st), Zoey Dela Cruz (2nd), Sydney Jensen (3rd), Ford Leonard (4th) and Nathan Chiavetta (5th).   And from Plavan School, the Board celebrated Gael Ramirez Sanchez (TK), Safina Kher (K), Kamryn Perona (1st), Reyna Nguyen (2nd), Mackenzie Leroux (3rd), Macey Tuiolosega (4th) and Jeremiah Potasi (5th).  Staff, family and the community joined the Board in celebrating the achievements of these incredible students.   For more photos from the evening, visit our  Facebook page, here .
SPOTLIGHT: Certificated Retirement and Years of Service Celebration honors our Educators
Certificated Years of Service Honorees
On May 28th, we had the honor of celebrating our certificated employees for their years of service to Fountain Valley School District.  This is one of those very special days in our District as we recognize some of our best educators for their dedication to our District, students and colleagues.  We were delighted to celebrate:

Jennifer Hisgen (Courreges), Lisa Hornbuckle (Cox), Sumarlei Martone (Cox), Jennifer Kjasdasz (Fulton), Heather Kurtz (Fulton), Viet Pham (Fulton), Connie Yang (Fulton), Krista Hebel (Gisler), Andrew Grant (Newland), Amy Trimm (Talbert), and Nicole Hunter (Tamura).


Trudy Reed (Cox), Evelyn Lee (Fulton), and Juan Hernandez (Talbert).



Kimberly O'Donnell (Cox), Victoria Thompson (Cox), Scott Hall (Masuda), and Daryl Osborne (Tamura).


In addition, we celebrated our three retirees: Jennifer Brown-Edmondson (Oka), Irene Turner (Newland) and Vicki Thompson (Cox).  We wish each of them well as they enter into this next adventure and thank them for impacting the lives of countless children in our District.

HIGHLIGHT: Classified Recognition Night celebrates FVSD Classified Stars
Classified Employee Recognition Night
Each May, we host our Annual Classified Employee Recognition Night, where we have the opportunity to celebrate some of the best and brightest support staff in FVSD!  With over 100 people in attendance, this year's event was another exceptional moment to thank people who go above and beyond for our kids and their fellow employees.  In addition, we celebrated Classified staff who reached years of service milestones, and we were thrilled to celebrate the Classified Employee of the Year from each of our sites:  

Mischel Ebon-Libunao, Food Services Worker (Courreges)
Rose Gharibeh, Bilingual Instructional Asst. (Cox)
Jane Sugden-Davis, ABA Instructional Asst. (Fulton)
Betty Nasab, ABA Instructional Asst. (Gisler)
April Lew, Bilingual Instructional Asst. (Masuda)
Sharai Freeman, Health Assistant (Newland)
Bryan Ortiz, Instructional Asst., Mod/Severe (Oka)
Irma Perez, Instructional Asst./Noon Duty Aide (Plavan)
Debbie Garcia, ABA Instructional Asst. (Talbert)
Louise DiCorpo, ABA Instructional Asst. (Tamura)
Vanessa Larios, ESP Coordinator (Child Care Services)
Vania Arjian, Certificated Personnel Tech. (District Office)
Steve Benner, M&O Coordinator (Maintenance & Operations)

Lastly, we celebrated our retirees:  Betsy Skaar, IA-ABA (Newland), Mary Pires, IA-Mod/Severe (Oka), Rhonda Smith, Library/Media Tech (Newland) and Danny Manzon, Bus Driver (Transportation).  We thank them for their dedication to our District, students and staff and wish them the very best in this next chapter!  For more photos from the evening, please visit our Facebook page.
SPOTLIGHT: Fountain Valley Youth in Governance Day Takes 3rd Grade Behind the Scenes at City Hall
FV Youth in Governance Day
On June 5th, 500 FVSD 3rd graders participated in the Youth in Governance Day at Fountain Valley City Hall.  Students were greeted by Mayor Nagel, Mayor Pro-Tem Brothers, Council Members, Patrick Harper and Kim Constantine, as well as City Manager Rob Houston, Community Services Director Rob Frizelle and Recreation Coordinator Yolanda Markey.  The morning was simply remarkable as students were given a behind the scenes tour of our City's workings.  From Council Chambers to Traffic Control, the City Jail to our Water and Sanitation departments, Fire and Police, students had a rare opportunity to see how a city functions.  Thank you to Mr. Frizelle, Ms. Markey, Mr. Houston and our City Council for providing all of our students with this outstanding opportunity!  We are confident that this morning will stand out in our students' minds for many years to come.  
SPOTLIGHT: FV Rotary Honors Outstading Educators from Each our Schools at Annual Teacher Celebration!
FV Rotary TOTY Celebration
On June 4th, we joined Fountain Valley Rotary Club in celebrating some of our best educators.  Family, colleagues and friends joined us to celebrate one teacher from each of our schools, along with Fountain Valley High School, Los Amigos High School and Valley Vista High School.  The paparazzi captured our honorees, along with their special guests, for a morning celebrating our teachers as our Board Room was transformed into the release party for (FV Rotary's) People Magazine's thirteen special issues featuring the Greatest Teachers Alive!  We are honored to recognize each of our cover models who have dedicated their careers to changing the lives of children:  

Kerrie Kendzierski, Courreges
Kellie Smith, Cox
Lisa Battig, Fountain Valley High School
Elizabeth Hogrebe, Fulton
Pat Prieto, Gisler
Jennifer Eastwood, Los Amigos High School
Erin Fouse, Masuda
Nicole Roquemore, Newland
Jennifer Edmondson, Oka
Lauren Voss, Plavan
Gary Petrilla, Talbert
Nicole Hunter, Tamura
Trina Lopez, Valley Vista High School

This event is always a favorite as we have the opportunity to celebrate some of our most gifted educators for their dedication to teaching and learning.  Thank you, Fountain Valley Rotary for your continued support.  We are fortunate to have community partners, like you, helping us to honor our very best!  For more photos from the morning, please visit our Facebook page
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FVSD Driven
As noted above, our theme for 2018-19 is FVSD Driven!   We hope that you will join us in documenting how you are "FVSD Driven" by capturing the amazing moments in our schools and tagging your photos on social media  #FVSDDriven #WeHeartFVSD.
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