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Volume I : Issue II
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STAY CURRENT: Parent Letter for Smarter Balanced
Here is a letter sent to all FVSD Parents and Guardians in early April regarding the Smarter Balanced Assessments:
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Like all school districts across the State, Smarter Balanced Assessments are a major focus for the Fountain Valley School District.  And, I am proud to report that our students and staff are doing exceptionally well! 

Although we know that you share in our excitement, we also know that there are still many questions to be answered.  Please take a look at the videos, sample questions and parent letter included in this issue to stay connected to and informed of  this important work.  

Thank you for all that you do to support teaching and learning in our District!


Mark Johnson, Ed.D.
VIDEO: SBAC Tutorial with National Teacher fo the Year Sarah Brown Wessling
Check out this informative video with National Teacher of the Year, Sarah Brown Wessling, as she takes us through a very brief five-minute tutorial (with samples) of the new Smarter Balanced Assessments in math and English Language Arts.  
Don't miss this video!
"Smarter Balanced" Assessments
FOCUS:  Smarter Balanced Assessment

What do the Smarter Balanced test questions look like?


The Smarter Balanced Assessments test learning under the Common Core standards. Like the updated standards, they emphasize critical thinking. For some questions students can receive partial credit, and are scored on whether they demonstrate a full, partial, or limited understanding of the concept. Another feature of these computerized tests is a system called "computer adaptive testing." This means that as your child takes the test, the questions' level of difficulty will adjust based on their responses. This ensures your child is tested in a way that reflects their individual skills. 

  • Sample ELA questions: Click  HERE
  • Sample math questions: Click HERE
STAY CURRENT: Take the Test
Take the Smarter Balanced Assessment practice test with your student.   Click the picture below to begin.  
Click  Sign-in.
Select  Grade and click  Yes.
Select desired test  (math or ELA). 
Confirm settings by clicking  Select and  Start Test.
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